Delurking week

I've been so slow on my blogging entries at the start of this year... I don't know why... I guess I was just busy with other stuff and am also running out of things to write/share.

On one of my regular blog hopping, I came across this. I think I'll participate on this delurking week since I wanted to know who else out there are my silent readers and frequent visitors but are too shy to leave comments.

Sheryl's entry yielded 226 comments...
Moxie's had 114 comments...
while cubbiegirl had 74 (as of this posting).

I won't compete with them... but it would be great to know that there are more people out there reading my blog... so please don't be shy, drop me a line or two. Take time out to introduce yourself. I would really love to hear from you (open to all my frequent commenters, regular and silent visitors and the lurkers).


Suzanne said...

Hello Jo! Just read your comment on my blog. :D Sorry, I don't blog that much and I am very much surprised to see comments made there. But again, thank you!!!!

Duke said...

I'm present! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo. You know me a bit as we exchanged very few emails re: junnie's project. Hello this is Jo from Seattle. I come here to read you a lot lately. Have a great day!

jo kuiipo of Seattle

~Ana~ said...

Hi Jo, na enjoy ako sa post mo, ganon nga ang problema eh dahil ang mga mystery bloggers di na mag leave ng messages, kahit isang line man lang. Ewan ko what's so hard about saying hi or hello.

myepinoy said...


This one is a good idea. Just letting you know I came here.

Have a great day. Thank you so much.

JO said...

Hi Suzanne, thanks for dropping too!

Hi Duke!

Hi Jo, someone came across your blog and thought that it was mine too... hehe... nung ng congratulate sa akin for running marathon, alam ko ng ikaw ang tinutukoy dahil di naman ako tumatakbo eh.

Hi Ana, if I can relate to the topic, I make it a point to leave a comment, kahit na thru blog hopping lang... pero minsan mas masarap pa din kasi kung lurker ka lang, di ba?

Hi Rolly, thanks for dropping by...

kaberns said...

Hi Jo, even if I don't post comments often I just want to let you know that I read your blog regularly. I am also in Toronto.

evi said...

am definitely not a lurker around here...

Toni said...

Hello! I'm delurking myself! Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

I took time to say "hello"
To someone that I didn't know
To someone who was walking by
A look of sadness in her eyes
And when she smiled back gratefully
And said a warm "hello" to me
I realized my "little gift"
Had given both of us a life!

You never know just whom you'll meet
Throughout your day on any street
People just like me and you
With loneliness and problems too
Yet life is always better when
We take the time to be a friend
To someone we didn't even know
And all it takes is one "hello"

By Amanda Bradley

JO said...

Hi Kaberns, thanks for being a regular visitor... pls do let me know when you start your own blog so I can return the visit.

Hi Evi and Toni! It seems that people are just lurking around... I didn't see anybody new except for Suzanne.

Raquel said...

Kaya nga may tagboard ako para dun sa mga tamad bumasa ng entry. Kahit hi lang di talaga nag ewan ang mga secret admirer ko.

Present ako ha, late lang.

Junnie said...

deto aku

JO said...

Hi Raquel, sana kung lahat ng lurkers eh nagiiwan din ng message sa tagboard... kaso hindi din eh.

Hi Junnie, I know I can count on you. Thanks!

Bless said...

Nice idea for the ghost reader to come out in the open hehehe...better late than never! Present me ha =)

Kevin Lam said...

Visiting here from my spare time in Singapore, yes, I'm still have to work on weekends.

TinTin said...

aie! I'm late! Reader here!

JO said...

Hi Bless, Lam and Tintin!

Thanks for always visiting my blog.