Mixed nuts #3

I am back in training again... tax season is here and I'll be working full time again till the end of April. Yey!

I left hubby and the kids in the car while I run over to the grocery to buy milk. A few minutes later, when I got back to the car, I can see frustration in hubby's eyes. I thought it was because it took me longer than expected because of the lineup at the counter... but its not.

He was really mad at my son for not listening and not stopping at bugging his sister. He grounded my son for the rest of the afternoon (which he rarely do). Few hours later, hubby said he was feeling sick. My son spent 6 hours in the den with no toys but only books and his drawing book as his buddy.

While my son was grounded, I re-painted both bedrooms... it was a lot easier for me with no kids lurking around, except for my daughter. But she was a big help laying down newspaper on the floor and picking them after I'm done. I find painting very interesting. A good exercise too.

Hubby stayed home coz he was really sick. He practically slept all day. All because of that little incident in the car. You see, my hubby is the most patient guy I have ever met. He tried to hold his anger most of the time. In our 10 years of marriage, I can really count the times when he raise his voice over me.

Hubby got a sore throat and is now on antibiotics. But he is well enough to go to the office and later that night, we went to a dinner and show sponsored by his company as a post-christmas get together for all its employees.

The show was "Grease!" An all time favorite movie of mine. But if you've seen the movie a hundred times like me, then nothing will beat the original cast. Overall the show was good! Dinner was buffet, food was not bad, though I wouldn't say its excellent either. The place was fully packed, not exclusively by the employees of the company.


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog :)


Denny said...

Sounds like you had a good time at the party. Yep, sometimes the kids can really work on your health. ;)

TinTin said...

Good for your hubby for setting his foot down!

And you painted two rooms yourself?! I need to stop saying i can't paint a room by myself. What a superwoman, you are!

denden said...

But if you've seen the movie a hundred times like me, then nothing will beat the original cast.

hi jo! i totally agree but then again seeing it live before you is great too.

JO said...

Hi Denny, I did have a good time... its very rare that hubyy and I get to go out without the kids.

Hi Tintin, oh yes, you can do it! I really had so much fun painting (first time kasi eh)

Hi Denden, yes, its different to see it live... and I love watching shows.

Junnie said...

glad you enjoyed the night out despite mike's condition. i heard mitzi enjoyed her time with the kids too.

did you two dance during the ending? :)

Raquel said...

Kawawa naman si Patrick. Ang bait naman ni Patricia dahil tinulungan ka nya.

Ang bait din ni mister, ganyan talaga dapat sa mag-asawa may self control.

Sounds good you enjoyed the show.

Thanks for the update, Jo.

JO said...

Hi Junnie,

sobrang sikip sa theater, no space to dance... after the show, uwian na din ang mga tao.

nakakahiya nga kay mitzi, kasi pat is throwing a tantrum that night, eh late na kami so i can't deal with it.

Hi Raquel,

super bait talaga ni hubby, at sobrang pasensiyoso... kaya nakakatakot din siyang magalit.

JO said...

oh i forgot to mention that I have help... a friend of mine was over that day to help me paint. thanks L!