My wishes for my kids

Random things I would like for my kids (in no particular order) --

  • To be sports oriented (unlike us)
  • To be responsible and learn the value of money... "a penny saved is a penny earned."
  • To learn how to say "no" to peers
  • To learn to appreciate the little blessings that comes their way
  • To know that they can be open to me/us with regards to their feelings, problems and troubles
  • To graduate with a degree before marriage and babies
  • To learn how to protect themselves from strangers
  • To realize that everything I/we do are for their own good
  • To make their own choices, with no influence from family and friends, even if its not the right one
  • And to learn from these choices, hopefully not making the same mistake twice, in building a better and brighter future
There's more... but for now, I'll stop here.

Happy weekend everyone!


evi said...

I wish the same for my kiddo. very nice. well said, jo.

KnOizKi said...

Hi JO, thanks for passing by at my blog.

Cheers & Happy Weekend!

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, nice wishes, I wish the same too.

I like this part, "To know that they can be open to me/us with regards to their feelings, problems and troubles". Kadalasan sa pinas ganito talaga ang problema.

JO said...

Hi Evi and Raquel,

us mothers all have the same wishes for our kids...

Hi Knoizki,

Thanks for visiting.

pObs said...

may all ur wishes come true. =)

it's nice to have a family of ur own noh, hayyy kelan kaya ako? ehheh

Joy said...

Hello Jo, what a way to say you just wanted the best for them!

Very nice thought to share with us...

m|e|y|m|s said...

hope all of your wishes for your kids will come true :)

JO said...

Hi Pobs, I'm sure your time will come...

Hi Joy, thanks!

Hi Drama Queen, thanks for stopping by.