Recipe #1: Veggie Pasta

I think I'd share some recipes for a change... hubby's cholesterol and glucose level is a little bit above the normal... all he needs is a little diet and exercise... so I have to convert our menu to healthier ones.


Veggie Pasta

1 package Vegetable Fussili
5-6 (fresh) tomatoes, cut up
onions and garlic
italian sausage, sliced
red/green bell pepper cut in strip

  • Cook vegetable fussili pasta per package direction till al dente. Set aside.
  • Fry onions and garlic with italian sausage in olive oil. Set aside.
  • In the same pot, put tomatoes until the juice comes out.
  • Put back italian sausage to the pot, add bell pepper and simmer to boil (10-15 mins).
  • Serve pasta in a platter and topped with tomato sauce. Serve hot.

Preparation time: 20 minutes


cruise said...

mukhang masarap yan huh, masubukan nga recepi mo :)

Ladynred said...

Hi Jo,
Masmasarap paglagyan mo ng maraming cheese. Cheese lover ako eh pagdating sa pasta.

Duke said...

dear jo,

I was just confused. you said it was a veggie pasta but the recipe had italian sausage...hmmmnnn...

JO said...

Hi Cruise, let me know if you liked it.

Hi Agring, bawal na ang cheese eh, but yes, it will taste good w/ parmesan.

Hi Duke, without the sausage, it wont taste good. pampalasa yan eh. so I just put a little to give its flavor. the pasta is all veggie. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

hi jo, i could use this recipe too since i need to eat a little healthier also. just watch for the carbohydrate intake ( carb) since he has a high glucose level. rice is always the big problem, we eat a lot of it!

Raquel said...

Hi Jo,

I haven't eaten a veggie pasta yet. But it looks good. Thanks for sharing this to us.

I hope the children would love to eat too. I guess, most children don't like to eat veggie. But if you train them, their will be no problem.

JO said...

Hi Jo, hubby's no longer eating rice. its been 3 months now. and he has been losing weight too which is good!

Hi Raquel, my son eats anything, no problem there. my daughter is the picky eater, but since this pasta is colorful, she's ok with it.

maila said...

hello jo.. funny cuz my little one wouldnt eat anything with veggies, but with this "colorful pasta", I bet he would. hmm..maybe i should start eating healthy too. I put on a little weight this past hlolidays. Happy new year, Im back blog hopping.. :)

Mmy-Lei said...

ang sarap naman yan!

how i wish i could do the same, im sure di magiging masarap luto ko kaya wag ko nalang try. hehehe

Junnie said...

something good to try soon...even without the italian sausage siguro...

JO said...

Hi Maila, it wouldn't hurt to try.

Hi mmy-lei, it is so easy lang talaga... you can't do wrong.

Hi Junnie, i think i already served this dish to you, but instead of the veggie pasta, i used the regular one.