Tag #4: Perfect lover

I was tagged by Ghie to come up with 8 different points of "my perfect lover".

I don't believe there is such a thing as a "perfect" lover... but here goes (in no particular order):

  • my perfect lover know how to tickle me with words and make me smile despite all our problems
  • he is very thoughtful, responsible, understanding, patient, truthful, loving and faithful
  • consistently show his love with words and flowers [especially on special occasion]
  • he makes my dream come true; and very considerate of my feelings and needs
  • a little mischievous on the side, to get rid of boredom in the relationship
  • a good husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin and friend
  • a good provider with a direction/goal in life
  • and last but not the least, he loves me till death do us part
I don't really like tagging people, but feel free to take this tag if you run out of topic to post in your blog... like me... hehehe... Thanks Ghie!


Kevin Lam said...

You are defining perfect lover, not your husband.

I can imaging your husband has all of those traits.

So, It's either you're lucky that you have found one, or your husband's traits had defined what is a perfect lover to you.

Joy said...

Hi, Jo! Your perfect lover is really perfect. I like the way how you define him. :-)

BTW, I linked you up, I hope you don't mind.

Happy blogging for 2006!

JO said...

hi Lam and Joy,

my hubby is not "the world's perfect lover"... but to me, he is perfect just the way he is!

Denny said...

All very good points Jo! ;)


I consider my husband my perfect one, we are compatible intellectually, sexually, and personality wise. I guess we are two bodies in one soul *naks!

JO said...

Thanks Denny!

Hi Sol, as I said, mine is not "the most perfect" one but he is perfect for me!