Conversation #11: brother wanted

This conversation occurs between my friend Edith and her 4 year old son, Jericho.

Jericho is the youngest of 3 siblings and sleeps in his parents room. He got 2 sisters who sleeps together in the other room. One night...

JERICHO: Mommy, can I go to Ate's room to say goodnight?

He left... and when he came back, he was crying hysterically...

EDITH: [panicking] What's wrong? What happen?
JERICHO: It's not fair mommy. How come I have 2 sisters and 1 brother?
EDITH: What '1 brother'?
JERICHO: Me. Brother.

Still crying, he ask:

JERICHO: I want a brother... mommy, can you please buy me a brother?

Edith said he cried himself to sleep... and it just breaks her heart... when he woke up the next morning, he said:

JERICHO: Mommy, are you going to buy me a brother now?

In memory of baby Del Rosario

"No one is ever born into Life alone. Everyone has shared the bond of family, at least at birth, and for many people it is a bond that will follow them throughout life. For many people it is the most important bond of all."

February 20. My SIL just lost her baby... she was on her 6th month of pregnancy... it was a sad week for the whole family. Even my kids were sad because they have been expecting the coming of their cousin.

"Death of a Child"

Sorry I didn't get to stay.
To laugh and run and play.
To be there by your side.
I'm sorry that I had to die.
God sent me down to be with you,
to make your loving heart anew.
To help you look up and see
Both God and little me.

Mommy, I wish I could stay.
Just like I heard you pray.
But, all the angels did cry
when they told little me goodbye.

God didn't take me cause He's mad.
He didn't send me to make you sad.
But to give us both a chance to be
a love so precious .. don't you see?

Up here no trouble do I see
and the pretty angels sing to me.
The streets of gold is where I play
you'll come here too, mommy, someday.

Until the day you join me here,
I'll love you mommy, dear.
Each breeze you feel and see,
brings love and a kiss from me.

~ By Sandy Eakle ~

My List

I have a list of things I want to accomplish, hopefully in this lifetime... now, I am finally able to cross one out -- that is skiing! I'm really glad I've had the chance to try it while my body can still handle all the body aches. ",)

I was supposed to go on a hotair balloon when I was in Maine, USA in 1993... finally found someone who is as adventurous as I am... I believe the price then was $125 per person. We were up at 4am, went to the site at 5am... and we waited. Because of heavy fog, everything was cancelled. And since then, I never got the chance to try it again. Hopefully, I'd be able to do this with the whole family (soon)???

I've also tried scuba diving in Palawan, Philippines in 1993, even though I don't know how to swim! And this is NOT even on my list.

Next on my list is sky diving... hmmmmm... don't know if I will have the guts to do it. But my cousin did! So I think I can also do it, budget permitting. Any idea how much this is going to cost me???

The most expensive one on my list is a luxury cruise with my one and only! But this have to wait till our kids are all grown up and on their own. Hopefully on our 20th or 25th anniversary??? Have to wait and see...

Finally got the chance to blog at work... hence this update.

Our pre-valentine date

"Ontario's best skiing and boarding blankets 4 km of breathtaking Niagara escarpment terrain."

The ski slopes from the bottom of the hill.

Kids too excited to see so much snow!

Trish in the big "Muskoka" chair.

Me, trying out skiing for the very first time... I fell down 4 times... but despite all the body aches, it was worth it!

This is what I like about winter... seeing the bare trees covered with snow!


Today is my first day back at work for the tax season. I'll be working 7 days a week... so I am going to pretty busy till the end of April.

Our pre-valentine date was our skiing trip with some friends. It was great! Really something new for me! And my son is really good at skiing.

I haven't had time to upload the pictures yet, but feel free to browse thru Junnie's blog for a preview.

My whole body aches right now... but as long as I keep on moving around then it doesn't hurt as much as if I just sit in front of my computer.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's a picture of my favorite couple! Hopefully to inspire all couples out there.


It's the month of the heart... let me share this poem I received ages ago...


Buti pa ang kalendaryo, may date
Buti pa ang Hersheys, may kisses
Buti pa and probability, may chance
'Yung ibang tao, wala.

Buti pa ang telepono, hini-hello
Buti pa ang film, nadi-develop
Buti pa ang typewriter, nata-type-pan
'Yung ibang tao, hindi.

Buti pa ang exams, sinasagot
Buti pa ang problema, iniisip
Buti pa ang assignment, inu-uwi
'yung ibang tao, hindi.

Buti pa ang panyo, nadadantay sa pisngi
Buti pa ang baso, dinadampian ng labi
Buti pa ang unan, inaakap sa gabi
'Yung ibang tao, hindi pwede.

Buti pa and kamalian, napapansin
Buti pa ang salamin, minamasdan
Buti pa ang hininga, hinahabol
'Yung ibang tao, hindi.

Buti pa ang tindera, nagpapatawad
Buti pa ang awit at tugtog, pinagsasama
Buti pa ang halaman, inaalagaan
'Yung ibang tao, hindi.

Buti pa ang lungs, malapit sa puso
Buti pa ang bra, kakabit ng dibdib
Buti pa ang kotse, mahal
'Yung ibang tao, hindi.

Buti pa ang pera, iniingatan
Buti pa ang mahjong, sinasalat
Buti pa ang damo, dinidiligan
'Yung iba diyan, hindi.

Buti pa ang sobre, nadidilaan
Buti pa ang susi, naipapasok
Buti pa ang itlog, binabati
'Yung sa akin, hindi.

Buti pa ang doorbell, pinipindot
Buti pa ang keyboard, napi-finger
Buti pa ang bola, nilalaro
'Yung sa akin, hindi.

Buti pa...
Magtrabaho na tayo at baka masisante ka pa



Conversation #10: Internet and emails

This is related to my previous post ...
[re: Memento Around The World]

As you know, Patricia took 2 of the pictures posted there and:

ME: Trish, do you remember the camera of Tito Junnie? you remember taking 2 pictures?
ME: Well, here it is. [showing her the blogsite]
PATRICIA: Wow! [smiling at her pictures]
ME: Do you want to leave a message to Tito Junnie?
PATRICIA: Yes. What do I do?
ME: What do you want to say to Tito Junnie?

This is her message:

"i love you tito junnie and tita mitzi"
[Note: she knows how to spell "i love u" already, but it still took her about 3 minutes to type out that sentence.]

Later that day, I told Trish that Tito Junnie already read her message. While showing her his message, she said: "That soon? [puzzled look on her face] How did it [her message] get to Tito Junnie? We never went to the post office... and he wasn't here to read it."

Here's the message:
Dear Patricia,

You're a good photographer (look at your work) and a good dancer too! Tita Mitzi and Tito Junnie loves you too.

How do you explain internet and e-mails to a 5 year old?

All she knows is that when someone's birthday is coming up, she will make a birthday card and we will go to the post office. She knows she needs to put the stamp and drop it in the mailbox. And she also knows that it takes at least 2 weeks for the card to reach its destination.

It's here!

Remember this project that I participated? Well, all the pictures are now available here. And here's the link to the pictures taken by my adorable kids.

The first 2 pictures were taken by Patricia... '7230' picture is to remind her Tito Junnie of their first home in Canada... The scrapbook was Patricia's first masterpiece. A birthday gift from her Tito Junnie.

The third picture was taken by Patrick. When I ask him what kind of picture he wants to take, he said "That's easy. I'll take a picture of my sister!"

I am on cloud nine

Hubby and I were busy setting up my new computer!!! yipeeee! This is an advance Valentine's gift from him.

My old computer really needs to retire... its been keeping me company for the past 5 years. Now, I need to bond with my new computer... I am still in cloud nine...

There's one more VD gift coming up... that's our trip to a ski resort this coming weekend... We are all so excited because this will be our first ski trip. [only my son had skiing lessons as part of his school activities] Can't wait...

Conversation #9

From time to time, I need to bribe my daughter to finished her lunch/dinner or to take a nap.

Yesterday, I needed a nap myself so I bribe my daughter to sleep with me and when we wake up, I'll give her a treat. She of course wants the treat. So we slept. And the treat was all forgotten until dinner time... and since I notice that she wasn't eating, I told her that I'd double the treat if she finishes her food.

Then she came up to me and whisper:

PATRICIA: Mommy, can I have 4 treats?
ME: Why 4?
PATRICIA: So I can give 2 to ahiya [referring to her big brother]

After her dinner, I gave her 4 and she happily gave 2 to her ahiya.

I hope and pray that my daughter will remain as sweet, as loving and as thoughtful as she is now.

Tag #6: Four

I got tagged by Meeya...

4 Jobs I've Had In My Life

  • new accounts and teller
  • credit (card) officer
  • tax preparer here in Canada
  • the toughest and most challenging job is motherhood
4 Movies I Could Watch Over And Over
  • The Sound of Music
  • Grease
  • Jacki Chan movies
  • Beauty and the Beast
4 Places I've Lived
  • Manila - where I grew up
  • Caloocan - when I was in college
  • Paranaque - where hubby and I used to live
  • Toronto - where we are now
4 TV Shows I Love To Watch
  • Lost
  • Charmed
  • 24
  • CSI Las Vegas and New York
4 Places I've Been On Vacation
I've been to more than 4 places...
  • Philippines: Boracay, Cebu, Palawan, Baguio, Tagaytay, Puerto Galera, Laoag, La Union
  • Asia: Taiwan, Beijing, Hongkong, Singapore, Bangkok
  • USA: Orlando, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Boston, Maine, Connecticut, LA, SFO, Las Vegas, Washington DC
  • Canada: Niagara Falls, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Sudbury, Burlington, Midland, Kingston, Couburg, Muskoka Region... and more
4 Websites I Visit Daily
4 Of My Favorite Foods
  • paella
  • t-bone steak
  • pork parmegiana
  • shrimp platter
4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
I'm happy where we are right now... but if I could dream, I wish to be in -
  • Rangali Island, Maldives
  • Tour of Europe
  • Tour of Australia
  • our own home in Canada
4 Bloggers I am tagging