Conversation #10: Internet and emails

This is related to my previous post ...
[re: Memento Around The World]

As you know, Patricia took 2 of the pictures posted there and:

ME: Trish, do you remember the camera of Tito Junnie? you remember taking 2 pictures?
ME: Well, here it is. [showing her the blogsite]
PATRICIA: Wow! [smiling at her pictures]
ME: Do you want to leave a message to Tito Junnie?
PATRICIA: Yes. What do I do?
ME: What do you want to say to Tito Junnie?

This is her message:

"i love you tito junnie and tita mitzi"
[Note: she knows how to spell "i love u" already, but it still took her about 3 minutes to type out that sentence.]

Later that day, I told Trish that Tito Junnie already read her message. While showing her his message, she said: "That soon? [puzzled look on her face] How did it [her message] get to Tito Junnie? We never went to the post office... and he wasn't here to read it."

Here's the message:
Dear Patricia,

You're a good photographer (look at your work) and a good dancer too! Tita Mitzi and Tito Junnie loves you too.

How do you explain internet and e-mails to a 5 year old?

All she knows is that when someone's birthday is coming up, she will make a birthday card and we will go to the post office. She knows she needs to put the stamp and drop it in the mailbox. And she also knows that it takes at least 2 weeks for the card to reach its destination.


Junnie said...

hi jo. this is really cute and i can imagine Patricia and you in the exchange.

well, tell her the technology story that just like the phone, people are able to talk, read and communicate without being there.

and that Tito Junnie answers comments as if there was no tomorrow. This made my day today. Hope your day is better too and that by Sunday ok na kayong lahat!

Denny said...

hi Jo! Just popping in to say happy weekend!

JO said...

Hi Junnie,

our conversation is actually longer than that... after I showed her your message, she sort of forget her original question. hehe.. I got away that time.

Hi Denny,

have a fun weekend too!

evi said...

such a sweet girl and smart, too.

Joy said...

oh, Trisha's so sweet and smart. Sooner or later, you'll be having a hard time explaining the "whys and the hows" to her.

Hey, have a nice weekend. Hope your ski adventure is great!

JO said...

Thanks Evi and Joy!

Kevin Lam said...

Patricia, born in the mid of the technology advancement today where people are sending emails, she still understand the system of postal mail more then the electronics mail. That's amazing!

For me, I had a reverse experience with my 4 yrs old son, there was a time, I bought a toy camera, the design was that of the old days' camera, where there is the viewfinder, no LCD screen. I gave it to my son, and he starts to pretend to take us a photo. Guess how he hold the camera? ...he did not peep through the viewfinder, instead he hold it half feet away from his face and looking at the back as if he was looking at the LCD screen.

I told to myself, Oh ya, from the 4 yrs old kid, he was born in the age of digital camera where people around him hold camera like that. I learned something on that day.

pObs said...

awww you really have smart kids!

it's really hard to explain the technology to kids, more on to adults..eheheh i do have hard time explaining to my grandma about the net..ehheh

cruise said...

napaka-bata pa niya pero ang sweet na siya. galing naman..

JO said...

Hi Lam,

yes, we learn a lot from our kids... interesting isn't it?

my daughter is the opposite on camera, sometimes, she prefers to peep into the hole to take shots rather than the LCD screen. hehehe

Hi Pobs,

definitely its much harder to explain it to the senior citizens than to kids.

Hi Cruise,

thanks! i just hope she stays that way forever.

toni said...

Ang cute naman ni Patricia. I also love the pics she took!

JO said...

Thanks Toni!