Conversation #9

From time to time, I need to bribe my daughter to finished her lunch/dinner or to take a nap.

Yesterday, I needed a nap myself so I bribe my daughter to sleep with me and when we wake up, I'll give her a treat. She of course wants the treat. So we slept. And the treat was all forgotten until dinner time... and since I notice that she wasn't eating, I told her that I'd double the treat if she finishes her food.

Then she came up to me and whisper:

PATRICIA: Mommy, can I have 4 treats?
ME: Why 4?
PATRICIA: So I can give 2 to ahiya [referring to her big brother]

After her dinner, I gave her 4 and she happily gave 2 to her ahiya.

I hope and pray that my daughter will remain as sweet, as loving and as thoughtful as she is now.


MrsPartyGirl said...

oh, how sweet! you're doing such a great job, mommy! more power :)

Ghie said...

Hello Jo!

Sweet naman ng anak mo Jo, mahal talaga niya brother nya :) I'm sure she will remain the same when she grow up!

Have a great weekend!

Junnie said...

i just hope nothing changes...sisters are always not like this sweet when kids are small...(hindi ako nagpaparinig), pero they change for the better din naman...

JO said...

Thanks Meeya!

Hi Ghie, she's very affectionate talaga. She would draw and write us a note almost everyday... one side of their bedroom walls are almost filled with her drawings.

Hi Junnie, I hope nothing changes.

Mmy-Lei said...

oh, your daughter is so sweet... like the mom.

Raquel said...

ohw, how sweet naman...keep up the good job mommy.

Have a great weekend!

Patrice said...

Let's hope. Kasi ako nung maliit, maldita ako. Binubugbog ko Kuya ko. Pero syempre di a ngayon. Mas malaki na siya sa akin eh. Hehe. Not to mention we've passed the stage of fighting.

JO said...

Hi Mmy-Lei, Raquel and Patrice,

Thanks a lot!!! Mana sa akin, malambing. 5 kaming magkakapatid, ako (daw) ang pinakamalambing sa lahat simula pa nung bata ako. :-)