In memory of baby Del Rosario

"No one is ever born into Life alone. Everyone has shared the bond of family, at least at birth, and for many people it is a bond that will follow them throughout life. For many people it is the most important bond of all."

February 20. My SIL just lost her baby... she was on her 6th month of pregnancy... it was a sad week for the whole family. Even my kids were sad because they have been expecting the coming of their cousin.

"Death of a Child"

Sorry I didn't get to stay.
To laugh and run and play.
To be there by your side.
I'm sorry that I had to die.
God sent me down to be with you,
to make your loving heart anew.
To help you look up and see
Both God and little me.

Mommy, I wish I could stay.
Just like I heard you pray.
But, all the angels did cry
when they told little me goodbye.

God didn't take me cause He's mad.
He didn't send me to make you sad.
But to give us both a chance to be
a love so precious .. don't you see?

Up here no trouble do I see
and the pretty angels sing to me.
The streets of gold is where I play
you'll come here too, mommy, someday.

Until the day you join me here,
I'll love you mommy, dear.
Each breeze you feel and see,
brings love and a kiss from me.

~ By Sandy Eakle ~


evi said...

that is so sad. it's harder to accept such death since she's already more than halfway of her pregnancy. i sympathize.

Joy said...

So sorry to hear this news, JO. It's so hard... I hope your SIL will get over the pain soon.

Very touching poem, thanks for sharing!

MrsPartyGirl said...

i wrote something for a friend a few months back. i'd like to share it with you so that maybe you can extend its message to your SIL. although this was written for someone else, i hope that its basic message will somehow help her get through this difficult time. my prayers to her.

JO said...

Hi Evi and Joy, thanks!

Hi Meeya, thanks for sharing your story.

All of my SIL (3 of them) and my sister had to go thru this pain... sad to say I couldn't be there for all of them since I am thousand of miles away. :-(

Linnor said...

it's a difficult time... God bless your SIL and give her more strength to endure the loss...

Agring said...
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Agring said...

I'm deeply touched. I'm crying right now remembering my little one"Matty".

I'm very very sorry....If there's anything I can do please don't hesitate to let me know. Tips on how to help a grieving Mother

Sorry, I have to delete the 1st one kc hindi nagwork ang link.....

Lynn said...

My heart breaks reading this poem Jo. I'm sorry about the loss. All my sympathies...

Vanessa said...

So sorry to hear about your familys' loss, Jo. I know how it feels, I've been through it a few times. But after all those trying moments in my life, I haven't lost hope. I know that somehow soon, my second angel will find it's way to me. Yours will, too! Please give her a hug from me.

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, it is hard to accept the reality but life must to go on.

I feel sorry about your SIL.

Ghie said...

I'm sorry about the loss. My prayers to your SIL. God bless!

Junnie said...

sometimes a loss is one of the hardest things to share...will pray for the little angel in heaven

JO said...

Hi Agring and Vanessa,

I'm sorry if my post reminded you of a sad time.

Thanks Linnor, Lynn, Raquel, Ghie and Junnie.

cruise said...

sad talaga yung nangyari. sana maka recover na sila sa pain ng pagkawala ng babay nila.

Soul_Seeker said...

Condolence to your sister-in-law.

JO said...

Thanks Cruise and Diane.

Agring said...

No problem Jo. Don't be sorry coz I will never forget my loss.