My List

I have a list of things I want to accomplish, hopefully in this lifetime... now, I am finally able to cross one out -- that is skiing! I'm really glad I've had the chance to try it while my body can still handle all the body aches. ",)

I was supposed to go on a hotair balloon when I was in Maine, USA in 1993... finally found someone who is as adventurous as I am... I believe the price then was $125 per person. We were up at 4am, went to the site at 5am... and we waited. Because of heavy fog, everything was cancelled. And since then, I never got the chance to try it again. Hopefully, I'd be able to do this with the whole family (soon)???

I've also tried scuba diving in Palawan, Philippines in 1993, even though I don't know how to swim! And this is NOT even on my list.

Next on my list is sky diving... hmmmmm... don't know if I will have the guts to do it. But my cousin did! So I think I can also do it, budget permitting. Any idea how much this is going to cost me???

The most expensive one on my list is a luxury cruise with my one and only! But this have to wait till our kids are all grown up and on their own. Hopefully on our 20th or 25th anniversary??? Have to wait and see...

Finally got the chance to blog at work... hence this update.


cruise said...

gusto ko ring sumakay sa hot air ballon, may alam ka ba dito sa pinas? magkano kaya?

evi said...

it's tough to be working and blogging. hehe...

you can also take the cruise with your kids. that's nice as well.

Junnie said...

was blogging at work part of the your adventurous list :) ?

there are things that we wish to do in our lifetime that we can do everyday too - like collect 5 smiles from strangers, to see both the sunset and the sunrise of the same day and to sing a whole song while taking a shower. all these are small things that we can target for free.

there's a hot air balloon fest in Clark, Pampanga every first week of February. Cost? I dont know.

yes, evi is right. you can take the cruise with the kids, mas adventure yun!

MrsPartyGirl said...

hey jo, if you can go to the kennedy space center in florida, they have a skydiving chamber there. you wont exactly be jumping off a plane, but the experience of the wind erasing your facial features would be about the same. and, its safer :)

good for you that you are even able to tick off parts of your adventure list! count yourself really lucky :)

good luck on your cruise plans :)

TinTin said...

luxury cruise is something you can do over a four-day weekend. No need to wait for the kids to be grown, really.

AS for me, skydiving, african safari, white-water rafting, a lot more!

JO said...

Hi Cruise,

Sorry, I have no idea. Meron daw sa Pampanga sabi ni Junnie.

Hi Evi,

It's going to be very expensive if I take the kids with us. ",)

Hi Junnie,

now that tax season is here, I'm making a lot of people happy with their tax refund! that's more than 5 smiles from stranger/s everyday! mission accomplished!

Hi Meeya,

We were suppose to go to Kennedy when we were in Orlando last October 2004. But since we were with my hubby's family, we have to stick to their itinerary. Minsan lang kasi mabuo ang pamilya eh.

Hi Tintin,

I'm actually more concern about the expenses... hehehe. Besides since we migrated, hubby and I never got the chance to go on dates... that's why I prefer it to be just the two of us. Like another honeymoon trip. ",)

Ka Uro said...

try mo rin ang bungee jumping dito sa nz. wow, you are very adventurous!

Agring said...

Mag 16 years na ako dito sa Canada pero I haven't tried skiing. Actually, I was going to try ages ago when we visited my in-laws cottage up North. Brad and I were still dating. Anyways, at that time my car was burried in the snow at tsaka namamatay ang engine. We decided not to go skiing then. And never get a chance since then... But I did try skating.

JO said...

Hi Ka Uro,

Di ko yata kaya ang bungee jumping, kasi up and down and up and down yan eh.

Hi Agring,

hope you will get the chance to try it soon... you won't regret it!

ANALYSE said...

hey, what an adventurous woman you are! i havent tried skiing to think that i'm barely 2 hours from the swiss mountains...i guess i have to take that courage and finally erase skiing off my list ;)

and yes, you can take the cruise with the kids...unless you want it to be more romantic of course..

Junnie said...

i know of someone who has probably been more adventurous than i am - has paraglided several times, skid a black slope, can race with me on a jet ski, and yes, fed the animals up close and personal, in a South African Safari. She drives the 407 too at 120 kph :) Mitzi. if we were still in the Philippines, we might join Amazing Race:Asia!

Raquel said...

Ah grabe naman ang nasa list mo, sky diving, woooowttttwooowwt! That is hard, dear, hehehe.

JO said...

Hi Analyse,

go try it! you wont regret it!

Hi Junnie,

wow! jet ski and paraglided! they are not on my list, can't swim kasi eh, takot ako sa tubig... no water sports for me as much as possible. Tama na yun naka pag scuba diving ako.

Hi Raquel,

hehehe... re: sky diving - di ko din sure kung kaya ko, pero its one of the things i wanted to do.