Tag #6: Four

I got tagged by Meeya...

4 Jobs I've Had In My Life

  • new accounts and teller
  • credit (card) officer
  • tax preparer here in Canada
  • the toughest and most challenging job is motherhood
4 Movies I Could Watch Over And Over
  • The Sound of Music
  • Grease
  • Jacki Chan movies
  • Beauty and the Beast
4 Places I've Lived
  • Manila - where I grew up
  • Caloocan - when I was in college
  • Paranaque - where hubby and I used to live
  • Toronto - where we are now
4 TV Shows I Love To Watch
  • Lost
  • Charmed
  • 24
  • CSI Las Vegas and New York
4 Places I've Been On Vacation
I've been to more than 4 places...
  • Philippines: Boracay, Cebu, Palawan, Baguio, Tagaytay, Puerto Galera, Laoag, La Union
  • Asia: Taiwan, Beijing, Hongkong, Singapore, Bangkok
  • USA: Orlando, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Boston, Maine, Connecticut, LA, SFO, Las Vegas, Washington DC
  • Canada: Niagara Falls, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Sudbury, Burlington, Midland, Kingston, Couburg, Muskoka Region... and more
4 Websites I Visit Daily
4 Of My Favorite Foods
  • paella
  • t-bone steak
  • pork parmegiana
  • shrimp platter
4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
I'm happy where we are right now... but if I could dream, I wish to be in -
  • Rangali Island, Maldives
  • Tour of Europe
  • Tour of Australia
  • our own home in Canada
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MrsPartyGirl said...

great answers! :D

Ghie said...

Hello Jo!

Salamat sa tag, I will do mine later!

God bless!

evi said...

i love sound of music. it will be in my list for sure.

Junnie said...

wala si Amazing Race sa Favorite TV Shows?

Raquel said...

Ayayay, I'm tagged. O cge gawin ko to but I can't promise when, ok?

Ang dami mo na palang narating. Hmmm, bloglines din ang pinupuntahan ko.

Maiba tayo, about sa assignment di talaga ako gumagawa some of the questions is personal to me and I don't want to share it in public, sorry ha.

Can I skip some of the questions? But you know what, I like this kind of assignment kase list lang ang ilagay, wala ng explaination.

Raquel said...

ay, ang haba...di ko papla napanood ang sound of music, about what? Music? ops, nagbibiro lang...serious I haven't watch that movie yet. Sabi din ni Joy maganda daw.

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Joy said...

I so love The Sound of Music and Grease (Olivia Newton- John and Travolta version). I love T-bone steak too (yum-yum) but hate paella :-)).

Nice to know a little of you again. When you'll have your Europe tour someday. I can be a good tourist guide for Paris. :-))

JO said...

Hi Meeya, thanks for the tag.

Hi Ghie, take your time... no rush.

Hi Evi, can't wait to see your list too.

Hi Junnie, off season kasi ang AR kaya wala sa list. but of course, its one of my fave shows too.

Hi Raquel, sure, just answer the ones you feel comfortable with...

Hi Joy, wish ko talaga ang makapag europe... someday... someday...

eye said...

hi jo, thanks for dropping by. lam mo bang tuwang-tuwa ako na may paella dito! hahaha!

Denny said...

good list, there are similar answers to my own. ;)

bugsybee said...

The Sound of Music is a movie that I can watch over and over again, like The King and I.
And though I am single, I totally agree with you that motherhood is the most challenging of all jobs. That's why I salute all women who live up to this challenge!

JO said...

Hi Eye, its not hard to cook paella, matrabaho lang.

Hi Denny.

Hi Bugsy, being a single parent is much harder coz you need to do everything by yourself. just keep everything in balance.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,

Kawawa ka naman, you haven't seen Sound of music... it stars Julie Andrews. You should see it, try to borrow it from the library... or if you want I can send you a copy. Let me know.