Conversation #12: money matters

This week is March (spring) break. One week of no school for the kids. To save money on babysitter, I decided to bring them to the office today and make them insert CDs in envelopes. And they were quite excited to do some office work.

The morning went by so fast that when I check up on them at lunch time, they were already done with 150 CDs...

ME: Good job! If you finished all the CDs today and no fighting for the whole day, I will give you money at the end of the day.
PATRICIA and PATRICK: [at the same time] How much?
ME: Depends on how you behave the rest of the day.
PATRICK: Mommy, will you be paid more because we've done more CDs for you?
ME: No. Mommy will just have less work for today. ",)
PATRICK: Oh. [he is thinking that the more you do, the more you get paid]

Later, I gave my manager $16 (which is all I have in change) to give to my kids ($8 each) as payment for their hard work. And they were both very happy! All in all, they did about 300 CDs today.

On our way home, I told my kids that they shouldn't expect to recieve more money tomorrow. [I plan to bring them to the office till thursday]

PATRICK: Mommy, I wouldn't mind receiving a penny or even $6.
PATRICIA: And we will still continue to do more CDs for you even we don't get anymore money.

Amazingly, they didn't give me any trouble today!


thescrubsfamily said...



bugsybee said...

JO, bringing them to your workplace is good training for kids. That was my father's way of telling us that "money doesn't grow on trees".

kaberns said...

Awww, your kids are so sweet and helpful. I'm sure they enjoy spending time with you.

evi said...

great job you got to be able to take your kids with you to work. anyway, only for a week lang naman. but still, lucky you.

good training for your kids. they're well-mannered.

JO said...

Hi Jo. Thanks!

Hi Bugsy, yes, they enjoyed the day and got paid $1/hour... hehehe

Hi Kaberns, today's their second day at my office and I can see that by 4pm they were getting bored and restless. Tomorrow's gonna be tougher...

Hi Evi, yes, I got lucky with my current job. The office has 2 floors, so I kept them hidden in the basement. ",)

Raquel said...

It's good the management is not strict for bringing the kids while you are at work, that's nice.

I think that is a good traing for them and they will see you how you earn money if it is easy or not.

How sweet the two of them (Patricia & Patrick) they are not aftering the money or even a single penny.

You're a good Mom Jo, keep it up.

TinTin said...

You have really good kids!n

Junnie said...

starting em young to value money is the best training of all. great job jo!

JO said...

Hi Tintin/Raquel,

yes, they love going to my office or to their dad's office once in awhile. My employer is really accommodating, kasi they have kids of their own too. And they never interfere with my work.

Hi Junnie,

thanks! I try to instill the value of money to them the way I was raised.

MrsPartyGirl said...

they are exceptional kids kasi they have an exceptional mom :) great job, sis! i'm sure you can find something else to teach them/keep them busy :)

cruise said...

well trained mga bata, mana sa babysitting. pwede mo ba akong i babysit para kumita din ako sa palalagay ng CD sa envelop? haha

pao said...

hahaha! cute naman ng kids mo! yeah, i agree, bringing kids to the workplace helps in training them to be responsible individuals. tc! :)

JO said...

Hi Meeya, wow, am flattered. thanks! I still have a long way to go in bringing up my kids.

Hi Cruise, lol. sige, punta ka dito, we have 8 more boxes of cds to do....

Hi Pao, thanks! day 1 is ok! day 2, a little trouble... day 3, bored na sila.

The one good thing about bringing them to the office for 4 days is that they don't get to sit in front of the tv all day! ",)

Ethel said...

awww...ang swerte ng mommy :)
napaka adorable ng dalawang cuties mo Jo :) mwaaahhh kisses to them.
Happy weekend!

Ann said...

Hi Jo! Bakasyon na rin mga kids ko, they are bored. 2 months vacation na sila..para akong day care ngayon dito..hehehe.

JO said...

Hi Ethel,

thanks! happy weekend din sa yo!

Hi Ann,

back to school na sila by monday... yey... enjoy your summer with your kids.