Interesting people

My client were 2 elderly couple who's been married for 55 years! The guy is 90 years old and the lady is 85 years old... I told them that I wish mine would last as long as theirs, or even longer. The guy said: "oh, don't worry, time flies too fast. Look at me, I've been retired for 25 years already. Where did all the time go?"

They left quite happy because they will be getting quite a big refund for their tax return in about 3 weeks time... just in time to celebrate their 55th year together!

My client were another couple with a 5 year old son. The 40 year old lady is on a wheelchair and it is a permanent disability. I can say that she used to be very pretty, and probably slim. Now, she's overweight probably from lack of exercise. The husband is still very loving and caring towards her. Hmmmm... makes me wonder if my hubby will take care of me if I'm on the wheelchair and puts on another 100-150 pounds. ",)

So to people like me who hate exercising and perspiring... better do it while we still can!

My first client for today was very patient, friendly and talkative. He is in his mid 50s with 2 kids and 4 grandchildren. He has been waiting in his car since 9:30am waiting for our office to open. And when I came in at 10am, the network is down. I was not able to log in to the network till 11am. During that time, he shared so many stories... one of them is his desire to retire in Chile. He said he always wanted to retire to his own country when he first migrated here. After 28 years in this country, he said he now wants to retire here since his siblings, kids and grandkids are all here.

My hubby said that he wanted to retire in a beach somewhere back in the Philippines... as for me, I always told my hubby that I will go where ever he goes! Period. But going back to the Philippines is not something I wanted, but since its more than a decade away, I never thought about it. Now, after talking to this client of mine, I've had hope that hubby will change his mind once we have our own grandkids.


evi said...

same here, jo. i don't want to retire in the philippines. your hubby and mine have the same "retirement" plan.

Linnor said...

aw, why wouldn't you retire in the philippines?

oops, don't answer that. :D

JO said...

hi Evi,

even up to now, I can't understand why he still wants to go back home to retire.

hi Linnor,

i guess its because this is our home now. but it doesn't mean that we will turn our back on our home land. philippines will always be close to our heart.

Kevin Lam said...

sometimes, I have glimpse and see myself in Manila when I retired. I like Manila because that's where I grew up, for me, retirement is like visiting back the childhood days where I left, everything was simple, worry-free, and I can plan my own daily sked.

but now, things changed, I have my wife and family, there is a line between reality and fantasy. I don't imaging myself living in Manila with my wife after retirement. we may visit from time to time, but may not for permanent stay.

Tin said...

hmm, hubs and i would want to retire back in the phils. but that's like a few decades from now so it's too early to tell.

Lynn said...

Hi Jo, my hubby is the same. I'm ok with it, the only catch is that by that time, we'll probably be going in and out of doctor's office. Old age does bring about unwanted illnesses... and France offers the best health care than Phils... so I guess I have some convincing to do in the future...

JO said...

hi lam,

its always good to go back where we started...

hi tin,

yes, things and plans can still change for me too. am not closing any doors for now.

hi lynn,

old age medical coverage is a major consideration for me too.

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, I read this only two days ago but I don't have time to stay longer.

Sayang naman di kayo mag retire sa pinas, mura lang dun pag dollar na pension natin.

Thanks for sharing about your client, nakaka-inggit ka naman may work na. Hay ako kaya, bibilang muna ako ng limang taon, hahaha. Palakihin muna mga bata.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,

temporary lang itong work ko... seasonal lang. i wish it could be a permanent one.