A Must Read Book

Rich Dad's Escape from the Rat Race: How to Become A Rich Kid By Following Rich Dad's Advice
by Robert T Kiyosaki with Sharon L Lechter

Question: How can you teach kids about money?
Answer: Give them a comic book and make learning fun!

I believe in teaching the kids about the value of money as early as possible.

Hubby borrowed this 'comic book' from the library and got my son hooked up. He now understand the concept of assets and liabilities... about paying taxes... and saving for the future.

Both my kids love playing the Monopoly. They feel happy when the other party land on their property... on the other hand, they feel sad when they start losing money and have to mortgage their property for some cash. It started them thinking whether they should buy another property or not, to build a house or not. It's a great training tool for kids.

If you are familiar with the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, this book is from the same author. Highly recommended, not only for kids but for adults as well.


angelove said...

Hi there Jo, I have heard a lot of good things about that book...Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I hope to be able to read it in the coming days.

fennymun said...

hi jo, I had read Rich Dad, Poor Dad few years ago. Just didn't know that the author had written a comic book as well (doubt whether it's available in HK...) anyway, thanks for sharing.

JO said...

Hi Beth,

I haven't read the 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' either. I will do that after this tax season. But the comic book gave me an overview already. And it is interesting.

Hi Fenny,

How are you doing? You have not been updating your blog.

If you want the comic book, you can try to order them online.

evi said...

I love monopoly since I was a kid until now. It is so cool to buy properties, railroads and utilities but not to go to jail. nyahaha...

Junnie said...

how's the savings account of Patrick? growing growing na ba? Tito Junnie will add some for Easter...

cruise said...

what a co-incidence, kaninang umaga lang pinag-uusapan namin sa canteen itong book na ito. dalawa kasi sa kaopisina ko nakabasa na nito at ine-encourage nila kaming basahin ito dahil marami daw kaming matutunan lalo na sa pag ha handle ng finances. makabili nga ng book na ito :)

Toni said...

Very interesting! Sige I'll keep that in mind when I have kids. :D

JO said...

Hi Evi, same here!

Hi Junnie, naku, matutuwa si pat niyan. thanks!

Hi Cruise, its really a good book, you won't regret reading it.

Hi Toni, its not only for kids, I'm sure adults will enjoy the book too.

Mmy-Lei said...

really? that author wrote a comic book? i read that book, so good, helpful and gives u alot of tips.

happy weekend.

JO said...

Hi Mmy-lei, yes this comic book is targeted to teach kids.

Kevin Lam said...

It's a comic book, so must be a light reading. It seems interesting, I try to visit Dymock bookstore today and check it out.

husticia said...

i believe about the value of teaching kids the importance of money. not that i want them to "kneel to it" :) we play monopoly too pero i really feel sad if my daughter starts to lose money and not being able to buy the property she likes hehehe so my pagka-nanay comes out, pinapautang ko hahahaha mothers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo!

Dops recommended me your blog once.you have senseful entries here..

Good idea!Teaching the kids the value of money.My eldest is mukhang pera na,hehe..but she earns her money by helping me in my household chores.
My youngest,shes only 6 and yet,she knows how to shop(at seven eleven)by herself.I should keep on teaching them the value of money..

Btw,I opened my blog,finally.I hope you can visit if you have a time.
Can I link you? thanx a lot!!


JO said...

Hi Lam,

Hope you found a copy of the comic book.

Hi Justice,

A mother's love is truly irreplaceable.

Hi Ghee,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to link me up. I'll link you up too.