Very Grateful

Thank you guys for your comments on my last post. I was thinking that most of you might think its child labor. ",)

The one good thing about bringing my kids to the office for 4 days during their spring break is that they don't get to sit in front of the tv all day.


My work schedule:

I work an average of 60-66 hours a week... monday to sunday. I just want to maximize my potential earnings since I only work during the tax season (mid February to end of April). I got home around 8:30 pm on most days... then there's the housechores waiting for me... plus I have to prepare my family's lunch/dinner for the next day.

On top of that, I have to schedule meetings for my friends and friends of my friends for their taxes. Which is just fine with me since I sleep around midnight everyday anyway.

But how do you balance working and house chores? To all working mom: how do you do it??? My house is such a mess! and considering that my kids are not home all day... I still couldn't find the time to clean up the mess they made last weekend.

I should find myself a 9-5 job so I'll have more time with my family and chores.


MrsPartyGirl said...

sister, its not the quantity but the quality of time you spend with your kids that matters (o di ba deep? hehe). yung chores naman, kaya nga siya tinawag na chore kasi we detest doing it, hehe. i'm sure you'll find the time (and energy) to do all the things that you want to do. for now, important yung work mo eh, maybe soon pag nag-lie low na yung sched mo, family naman ang focus :) good luck :D

lynn said...

Jo, grab a pen and paper, sit down and list down by priorities the things you have to do for a day, then go through it loyally. May paloyal loyal pa si ako ha ;-) When you do the most important things on your list make sure your answering machine has plenty of space, let it do the receiving... good luck!

Junnie said...

its not the hours that we put into our life but the life that we put into those number of hours

Sabi nga ni idol Aga Muhlach sa "Dubai" - kaya mo yan!

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, di naman child labor yun ah. You and your kids are just having fun.

Wow, what a busy mom...good luck Jo, hope you will manage everything.

JO said...

Hi Meeya,

buti na lang at seasonal lang itong work ko ngayon... and in 5 more weeks, I'll be jobless again.

Hi Lynn,

hmmmmm... listing down my things to do... its something I will blog about soon.

Hi Junnie,

thanks! kaya naman kung sa kaya, sobra lang pagod... and I tend to neglect housechores. ",)

Hi Raquel,

thanks. I'll manage. Supermom daw kuno. ",)

Kevin Lam said...

I believe that your children will always remember these 4 precious days of their life.

I could imaging them telling it to their colleagues and friends when they grew up and start working in the society, they would narrate to them their very first work and how did they earn those dollars was helping at their mom's office. Can you imaging how nice and sweet it would be?

JO said...

Hi Lam,

That's the reason for this blog... to write down what they've done at this age... and hopefully I'd be able to pass it on to them when they grow up.

Kevin Lam said...

Do you print them out and compile them in a folder like a portfolio? If you want to pass the blog entries on to your kids, I think you should do that, I just doubt if the site can stay forever, I mean one day, this site might just changed or even vanish, since it is a free site, they don't have responsibility to all of your entries.

JO said...

Hi Lam,

Most of the conversation entries I have here with my kids are also available in my family website which I backup all the time.

The rest of my blog entries are in my HD too.

Agring said...

Tell me about it. It's really hard but my hubby helps with the vaccuming and bathroom cleaning so I'm just happy. I do work more overtime than my hubby.