Age is a state of mind

My boss would always laugh at me whenever I have to use post-it to remind me of my pendings and things to do. She would remember my pending better than me.

I'm the kind of person who had to list down my grocery list to make my shopping easier and faster. Is this a bad thing? Or am I simply getting old and being forgetful?


Friday: My client was an 78 year old elderly. She came in with her 50+ year old daughter who claims that her mother doesn't know if she filed her previous years tax return or not. The mother claimed to have file her taxes on time. She also seems to be quite alert for her age. Her presence of mind is still there eventhough she doesn't remember the year she was born. Though I feel like the daughter wants us to think she's incompetent.

So to satisfy the daughter, I called and verified with CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and was told that she is up to date on her taxes. This lit up the face of the mother.

Once I've done her return and told her our fees, the daughter looked surprise at how much we charge. The mother on the other hand just willingly paid me in cash, no question ask! While I was issuing her a receipt, she took out another $20 and put it in front of me which I ignored. The daughter, who counted the money she paid me, knows that its extra and started to reach for it. The mother then gently slap the hand of the daughter and said "that's for her (meaning me). She's done such a great job for me." Of course I told her its not necessary but she insisted. Then the daughter said "my mother doesn't even give me $5."


thescrubsfamily said...

The general society tend to discriminate the elderly, isn't that called ageism? I find myself doing the same thing once in a while. We all can be guilty of that. You got a $20 tip! Good job.

Anonymous said...

well done! a 20$ tip was not bad,i guess =)

thanx for dropping by my site!
I`ve linked you already.
I`ll keep in touch.


Kevin Lam said...

I can feel that they have been arguing that all night before they came to your office. She had an essence of victory in front of her "arrogant" daughter. It's like you were on her side when you helped her confirmed it with the CRA, she can see a big scoreboard flashing a big neon 2 against 1 sign.

For the 78 yrs old elderly, that 20 dollar was very well spent. he he he!

evi said...

i do list just like you. i've been doing it ever since. it's not about being forgetful. i think, it's more about being organized. as a matter of fact, i have one post-it of deadlines right infront of me.

JO said...

Hi Jo,

Thanks! It feels good to be appreciated.

Hi Ghee,

Thanks! I'll link you up too.

Hi Lam,

I guess she took pity on me too knowing that I have to work till 8pm that day. ",) Seniors citizens are like that, they give generous tips.

Last year, one of my elderly client gave me a box of chocolate as soon as she got her refund. I am still waiting for her to show up this year.

Hi Evi,

That's what I thought too. But the more I used post-it as reminders, the more I feel that I can't remember my own pendings at work. I have to go through my notepads/post-it just to refresh my memory on certain accounts.

fennymun said...

Well done, Jo, for doing the right thing for the old lady. I also got a list of to-do things on my desk. Thanks Evi for the enlightening comment that "it's not about being forgetful. It's more about being organized.." I think I should add on my list "browse through meaningful blogs" and "update my blog".

It's Apr 4, Happy Kid's Day to all the moms & kids out there!

Vanessa said...

You made her day so you definitely deserve the $20 dollars!!! I also do post-it cause if I don't, I'd go through the day forgetting everything! have a happy week, JO!

Raquel said...

I am the say way too, I list down all my activites and what to do next, especially when I go shopping.

$20 is a good tip for you, bigay mo nalang sa mga bata, hahaha. I am not sure if they give you $20 since the daugther said, her mothe doesn;t give her $5.

Junnie said...

an honest pay/tip for an honest day. where can you find someone going the extra mile for an elderly these days? wala na halos. good work, Jo!

MrsPartyGirl said...

i have very little patience for children who disrespect their parents. katulad na lang niyang daughter ng client mo. to imply na incompetent yung nanay niya... nakaka-init ng ulo ha. buti na lang vindicated si nanay (with your help, of course), that should put the daughter in her place.

as for lists... naku wala nang ibang mas mahilig sa listahan kundi ako :D i have a grocery list, too. plus i write down the other places we have to go to after the grocery store, para hindi namin makalimutan daanan. tapos when we travel, i write down everything that i need to bring, that hubby has to bring, and what ninna has to bring. i also write down yung chronology ng papanoorin kong tv show, lest i forget kung kelan sila on. basta, yung desk ko is so cluttered with post-its and memo pads na hubby complains na baka naman daw hindi ko na matandaan lahat ng sinulat ko. ang sinasabi ko lang: it's all in the system sweetiepie. hehehe.

JO said...

Hi Fenny,

Thanks for stopping by. Hmmm... I don't think we ever celebrated "happy kids day" before. Glad to hear I am not alone in this to-do list and post-it reminders.

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks! It felt good to be appreciated. A tip isn't really necessary in my line of work. But can't complain.

Hi Raquel,

Yup, its enough for a mcdonald treat for my kids!

Hi Junnie,

I feel bad for these seniors who are either alone or with greedy/arrogant relatives.

Hi Meeya,

Its really sad, but I see a lot of those with my senior clients. The son/daughter would even come in a day earlier to talk to us about their "incompetent" parent/s (which isn't the case most of the time).

bugsybee said...

What a heartwarming post! My "nanay" - not my biological mother but she was the one who raised us - turned 91 last month. And she is proof that age doesn't matter. She still does very elegant cross-stitching projects!

bugsybee said...

Oh! Sorry I forgot this (see what happens if you don't have post-its?) ... It's not about "getting old", Jo. We all need reminders. Ferdinand Marcos' legendary "photographic memory" is reportedly attributable to the fact that he carries small pieces of papers in his pocket where he puts his reminders (wala pa kasing PDA noong time nya). As for me, you'd think I made post-its my wallpaper. They're EVERYWHERE (including the bathroom, he he).

Lastly, you deserved the tip!

JO said...

Hi Bugsy,

Wow! still doing cross-stitched at 91? You dont know how relieve I am to hear that I am not the only one who have to rely on post-its... thanks!

Toni said...

Wow! Great work, Jo! :)

JO said...

Thanks Toni!