Movie Marathon continues

  1. Yours, Mine and Ours: very funny and entertaining... I don't want to live in a house like this one, either as a parent or as a kid.

    A new meaning to the term "Full House" is realized when a couple of widowed parents meet, fall in love, get married and move in together, bringing together a rather large number of children - 10 from her and 8 from him.

  2. Pride and Prejudice: I have heard of this book/movie a lot of times but have never gotten myself the chance to read the book nor see the movie... until recently. Highly recommended to all lovers out there!

    A sumptuous new adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel following the adventures of the five Bennet sisters, including the strong-willed Lizzie, the serene and beautiful Jane, and Lydia, the youngest and most impetuous, and their attempts to find husbands.

  3. The Aviator: It's a great movie but not my kind of movie.

    The Aviator follows the successful career and intimate relationships of the young Howard Hughes, from thee start of his fortune with his late father's invention of the drill bit, to his ever expanding enterprises in such widely diverse industries as film-making, aviation and electronics.

  4. Just like Heaven: I love this movie very very much. Definitely a 5-star movie for me! Highly recommended to all hopeless romantic like me!

    After an accident puts Elizabeth Martinson into the awkward state of being with no physical form, she finds herself haunting David Abbot, the man who ends up moving into her apartment. Unwilling to let a ghost make him move out, David soon finds himself falling in love... with a ghost.

  5. Spanglish: I am not a big fan of Adam Sandler. So I never thought I'd like this movie but I did.

    A beautiful native Mexican woman Flor, with an equally stunning twelve-year old girl, a golden child, becomes the housekeeper for an affluent Los Angeles family. Of all the horrifying pitfalls she worried about in this new culture, Flor had never fathomed the peril of being truly embraced by an upscale American family.

  6. Derailed: This is a good movie though I sort of guess the ending of the movie. This should teach men never to cheat on their wives! haha!

    Charles Schine and Lucinda Harris have noticed each other on the commuter train before. One morning their conversation leads to a flirtation which turns into an evening drink and then, before either one can stop it, a passionate one-night stand. But suddenly a stranger explodes into their world, threatening to expose their secret and lures them into a terrifying game with more surprises than they saw coming and more danger than they may survive.

Next on my list are Crash, The Interpreter and Starsky and Hutch...

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Here's some stuff for you to read! My next update will be in May. Enjoy the rest of the week!


MrsPartyGirl said...

alam mo, i should list down all the movies i saw this past month alone... palagay ko nagpapaligsahan tayo sa panonood ng pelikula, hehe.

as for me, i'm delving into less familiar titles. si hubby ko kasi no time for dvd nights anymore (*sad*), workaholic kasi (*hmp*), so i'm taking advantage and i'm renting all the movies i've always wanted to see but i know he wouldn't want to watch, i.e. obscure classics, heavy heavy drama, at suspense thrillers :D (and i am actually having a blast, hahaha :D) enjoy your marathon!

(ps. i loovveeed crash, btw. agree ako that it won best picture over brokeback, pramis! :D)

evi said...

spanglish is one of those movies that i can watch over and over again. i liked it because of the essay which the child wrote to qualify into a prestigious university. it is unique, witty and sincere.

i have been contemplating whether to purchase the derailed DVD. i had second thoughts when i read the synopsis and seems to be focusing on passion. the only reason why i so wanted to buy it is because of jennifer aniston. i like this lady.

atoy said...

ang tagal ko na ditong di naligaw. nagmetamorphose ka na pala hindi ka lang movie reviewer at critic pati comedian sinakop mo na rin. he, he, he natawa ako sa mga pinoy chinese name ngayon ko lang yon narinig.
Just Like Heaven di ko pa yan napapanood mahiram nga (natutuwa kasi ako sa tipong love story at life after tulad ng Ghost at Heaven Can Wait.)

JO said...

Hi Meeya,

Sure, I would like to see your list too. Although I am not much into thrillers.

Hi Evi,

Yes, I'm really surprised that I liked Spanglish. I wasn't going to watch it at first due to my hectic sched.

Derailed is good. But I don't think its a movie I will watch over and over again.

Hi Atoy,

Welcome back! Musta na po? Naku, I'm not a movie critic. Nagkataon lang na sunod sunod ang mga dvd's na pinanood namin the past 2-3 months. Sobra na nga akong di updated sa mga movies eh.

Junnie said...

You should like Crash definitely. As to Derailed, ikaw na lang ang lapitan ni Jennifer Aniston..:)

Here'r are some DVDs that you might like that we've seen the last few days: North Country and a History of Violence. Both were nominated for some awards.

JO said...

Hi Junnie,

I watched "Crash" last night. It was really good.

If you have copies of those 2 movies, pahiram na lang. ",)