What's in a name?

Sorry guys and gals, am really too busy to update my blog... tax season is almost over, so I will be back in my blogging mood soon...

In the meantime, here's some recently registered chinese baby names born in the Philippines:

Born during the night = Andy Lim
Born blind = Kenneth Sy
Born being swindled = Lino Co
Born while cooking = Nilo Toh
Born as 10th child = Sam Po
Born while being courted = Lily Gaw
Born fat = Bob Uy
Born little = Kathy Ting
Born different = Eva Yan
Born with porridge = Lino Gaw
Born looking for someone = Allen Sia
Born while counterfeiting = Faye King
Born during Sunday = Lyn Go
Born with malice = Mali Sia
Born angry with someone = Ally Tan
Born with picture = Lara Huan
Born with sweets = Ken Dy
Born undefined = Sam Ting
Born while taking a bath = Lily Go
Born not to take a bath = Dinah Lily Go
Born while buying = Bill Li
Born secretly = Tina Go
Born to pass flatus = Otto Tin
Born ugly = Kaw Yan
May reklamo ka??? = Nath Ting


Ann said...

Hahaha! Funny! I thought at first real name sila.

ethel said...

hehehe..hang coolit nito.

Denny said...

I had to read the list twice until I got it. lol Funny!

Junnie said...

Born to be always negative - Aiko Yan!

Wala ako madagdag. Galing!

Toni said...

Hahahahahaha funny!!!

Meron pang iba eh, pero real life daw ito:
Raggedy Ang
Edgar Allan Pe
Washington Dy Sy

evi said...

ang galing. ang pinoy nga naman...

JO said...

Hi Denny,

It may be a little hard for you to understand the others because you need to know the Tagalog language to get the joke.

Hi Ann, Ethel, Junnie, Toni and Evi! Have a great weekend ahead!

Lynneth said...

hey Jo, I've come across this so many times already but every time just sends me to equal laughter. it's hilarious!

I can't wait to see more of your digital scrapbooking works! I'm becoming an addict!

ghee said...

Hahahaha!! I took seriously at first..

kewl-lit nila!!

JO said...

Hi Lynn and Ghee,

These are actually real names na ginawang joke. hehe... dami talagang taong walang magawa sa buhay nila to come up with list like this.

Buti na lang matino tino ang pangalan ko.

Raquel said...

Out of topic: Your tagboard is not working here.

Just dropping by to say hello, I miss you all here.