Weekend getaway #1: Inverhuron

We love the beach!

Last Saturday, in view of the good weather (temperature in the average of 20C) and our first glimpse of summer weather, we decided on an impromptu road trip.

Wearing our summer shorts and caps, we drove 3 hours to Inverhuron Park... "Inverhuron is famous for its sandy beach, dunes and glorious sunsets." But since sunset was at 8:30pm, we didn't get to enjoy the view. The place was practically deserted... when we got there, our car was the only car in the whole parking lot.

We arrived 4pm and left the beach by 6pm. Then we drove another 20 minutes to Point Clark Lighthouse. The view here was spectacular! Sad to say we only stayed long enough to take pictures as it was starting to get cold again and I didn't bring any sweaters for all of us.

Sunday, we decided to take the kids to the beach again, but this time to somewhere closer... we decided to go to Jack Darlings Park which is 20 minutes away and it was crowded! Hubby couldn't find a parking space... we left him in the car while me and the kids hit the beach... after an hour, we decided to go home since hubby still couldn't get a parking space. And there were people fighting over parking spaces already.

Google Image Game

Google Image Game aka The Other Bloggers Are Having Fun, Why Not Me?

Got this game from Jenee...

The object of the game is to google image search your name and post the first picture in your own blog.

I search using my first name and this is the 5th picture on google.

Isn't she lovely?

If I used my nickname, this is the 2nd picture on google.

The devil in disguise?

Tag, you're it!

The Wigwam Project

This is for my son's social studies class... he had to make a wigwam.

At first I was totally lost. They were given this assignment on the 19th but he forgot to bring it home. On the 23rd he brought it home and told me its due on the 26th. That means I have to buy the materials on the 24th and have 2 evenings to do it.

Buying the materials was the hardest part for me as I don't know where to find a stick that can bend without breaking... my son said we can use "pipe cleaners" but honestly I don't know what he means. And since there's no way I will make him miss school to help me buy the materials, I have to do it myself.

So there I was spending the whole morning in 2 different stores asking for a "stick that can bend"... I got the other materials except for the "pipe cleaners"... then it was time to pick up my daughter from school and then continue on with my search. Finally, I decided to use the wire stems used for making flowers.

Final stop is the dollar store to buy the indian figurines for the final touch. It was already 1pm and we didn't have lunch yet. And my daughter said "mommy, this is the pipe cleaners that ahiya needs." [Ahiya is the chinese term for big brother] I ask "are you sure?" She said "yes." She knew it all along and there I was looking for something that I have a name but don't know what it looks like and since I'm not sure if my son is saying the right material, I didn't ask the saleslady about "pipe cleaners". If I have I would be done in 1 hour in 2 stores instead of spending 4 hours in 4 different stores!

Day 1 - we spent 2 hours building the foundation and installing the reed posts

Day 2- another 1.5 hours to attached the roof

Then we add the finishing touch...

Here's the outcome!

A wigwam is a native American lodge frequently having an oval shape and covered with bark or hides.
The oral presentation of his project is today. Goodluck Patrick!

My Idol

Congratulations to Taylor Hicks for winning the American Idol!

Here's a video of his final performance as American Idol Season 5 winner!

More videos here and here.

Movie Marathon #3

Saturday: This week's movie marathon was in the movie theater... I was glad when L called me and ask me to watch a movie with her... Hubby and the kids have dental appointment so I readily accepted the movie invitation. What did we watched? The most controversial and talk-about movie followed by a full pack action movie.

DaVinci Code

It's FICTION! Please don't let the book nor the movie bother you. It's just a movie, it's made for entertainment... nothing more.

Mission Impossible III

Highly recommended! For me, this is the best of the MI series.


Our Sunday plan for Canada's Wonderland was postponed to Monday since it was raining on and off the whole day. So we missed out on the fireworks!

Here's the kids having fun with the Taxi Jam ride...


Life is good!

Amazing Race 9: BJ and Tyler deserve to win the $1 Million! Yey!!!

And I would love to go the Japan and try out their theme park! It looks like I'm going to have lots of fun!

Life is unfair!!!

A very close fight between the 3 American Idol finalist! 33.06% vs. 33.26% vs. 33.68% and definitely Elliot Yamin doesn't deserve to be voted off! He should be finalist #2!

Is it obvious that I'm a BIG BIG fan of Taylor Hicks? If only I could vote, I'll make sure he wins by a big margin. ",)

Patricia's first!

Mother's day was spend in Canada's Wonderland with the Manarang family.

Jedith, Jericho, Jasmine, Patricia and Patrick

Jericho and Patricia

Patricia enjoyed Jimmy Neutron's Brainwasher, Dora's Dune Buggies, Treetop Lookout, Swan Lake, Aerofield, Jetson's Rocketport, Hanna-Barberry-Go-Round, Antique Carrousel and she also tried something new this time --

Rugrats Toonpike

The Rugrats are at it again; finding trouble and adventure around every corner. Join them in the driver's seat at the Rugrats Toonpike. Drivers and navigators will need to team up to bump other drivers, while they avoid being bumped themselves.

She is a good driver and can manuever herself out of the jam.

The Fly

The fly takes four thrill seekers at a time over an exhilarating 50-foot drop, through hairpin twists and turns and wild, breathtaking bumps. This coaster's unique design provides each rider with the feeling that they are riding in the front car while also allowing for some of the wildest side winding turns ever experienced in a coaster.

She goes from "wheee!!!" to having a stiff body when we plunge down the 50-foot drop and then goes "wheee!!!" again. I ask her if she had fun, she said "yes." But when I ask her if she wants to go again, she said "no."

Happy Mother's Day!

Are you a Mean Mom? I know I am...

To all mothers and the mothers to be, please take time to read this and the Mother's Path of Life.

Happy Mother's Day!

Most especially to my Mama, my Mother-in-law, my sister, my cousin J, my aunts, all of sister-in-laws and my blogging moms!

Our trip to NYC

FRIDAY, April 14

We left Mississauga at 4:30am... and after 811 km... we arrived in Bayside, NY at 3pm. Crossing the border was a breeze this time. We had an early dinner then went to Manhattan for some family fun!

Believe it or not, this is Patricia's first time in a video arcade!
She scored 109 in this virtual bowling game.

Patricia's happy with all the tickets they've won!

Dave and Buster, Manhattan


SATURDAY, April 15

On tour to cousin Andrii's new home/bedroom.

The cousins in their disney red shirt.


Me and hubby with hubby's younger brother went to watch
"The Producers" on Broadway. It was hilarious! Highly recommended!


SUNDAY, April 16

Easter Egg Hunt in New Jersey

Another first for Patricia...


MONDAY, April 17

Time to go...

The best buds!

We'll be travelling back to NYC for a small family reunion end of June.

Optical Illusions #3

Can you tell me which word you see first?

Optical or Illusion

Optical or Illusion?

You or Me

You or Me?

Teach or Learn

Teach or Learn?

Good or Evil

Good or Evil?

Here's more optical illusions: click here and here


May 1 was the last day for filing taxes. I was in the office from 9:30am to 11:00pm! It was a really long day for me! But am so glad that it was finally over.

Tuesday and Wednesday:
I was extended for 2 more days, but my work sched was from 12noon to 5pm only. I am so tired I don't want to work long hours anymore.

Tuesday morning was spent at the doctor's office. And that night, it was the first time, after 10 weeks, that we all sat down to have our family dinner together. My hubby is actually happy that my work is over. Now, my family will be eating freshly cooked food and not instant or leftover food. ",)

Wednesday morning, I enrolled my daughter in French Immersion school for the coming school year. She and her brother will be going to the same school in September.

The whole day was spent doing laundry and cleaning up the house, especially the kids bedroom. I never realized how much dust we have until my eyes got irritated once again.

Today, I plan to relax a little and mop the floor later... in the meantime, I'm catching up on the blog readings...

Happy weekend everyone!

Spring is here!

Trees and flowers are blooming once again... but with the spring comes the aiborne pollens that can make some people sick.

I've been having this itching in my eyes and stuffy nose for more than a week now, finally, I went to see the doctor yesterday. He ask "how long have you been in Canada?" I answered, "5 years." He ask, "And do you get this a lot?" I answered "no. First time." Then he said: "it's about time."

I got the "spring or hay fever" for the very first time here in Canada. Does our being Canadian means we should be getting the "spring fever" too? ",) The doctor said "it's about time."