Life is good!

Amazing Race 9: BJ and Tyler deserve to win the $1 Million! Yey!!!

And I would love to go the Japan and try out their theme park! It looks like I'm going to have lots of fun!

Life is unfair!!!

A very close fight between the 3 American Idol finalist! 33.06% vs. 33.26% vs. 33.68% and definitely Elliot Yamin doesn't deserve to be voted off! He should be finalist #2!

Is it obvious that I'm a BIG BIG fan of Taylor Hicks? If only I could vote, I'll make sure he wins by a big margin. ",)


Duke said...

hi jo!

I wasn't able to watch this season's amazing race since they don't show it here :( life is unfair!

ghee said...


coming to japan for some fun?

when and where? :)

btw,I moved my site.please kindly update the link later.Thanx!

Junnie said...

Just imagine the Amazing Race was won by an identification of Flags! we were BJ fans and Hicks fans too!

JO said...

Hi Duke,

Sayang... watch it on DVD na lang???

Hi Ghee,

Have you been to that theme park?

Hi Junnie,

In the 'Finish Line' interview on the AR website, BJ mentioned that they had a 36 hour rest in Japan... and one of the things that they did was to go over the previous AR shows and decided to play around with the flags on the internet.

evi said...

yup. i like the hippies, too. i'm so happy they won.

you know what... i cried for elliot. i cried when he visited his hometown. he's such a sincere and humble guy. he deserved the best.

there was actually a prediction since the audition that taylor hicks is going to win.

i have to add... i'm also happy with the winner of america's next top model.

Kevin Lam said...

Looks like I'm missing a lot here in this part of the world. Imaging, we just had the premiere telecast of "Desperate Housewife" here, LOL!

JO said...

Hi Evi,

Kakapikon talaga no??? I'm also a fan of Elliot.

Hi Lam,

You should watch "Desperate housewives" if you have the time... kakaaliw eh. Or tell Wendy to watch it.

Regards to Wendy and to your son.