Movie Marathon #3

Saturday: This week's movie marathon was in the movie theater... I was glad when L called me and ask me to watch a movie with her... Hubby and the kids have dental appointment so I readily accepted the movie invitation. What did we watched? The most controversial and talk-about movie followed by a full pack action movie.

DaVinci Code

It's FICTION! Please don't let the book nor the movie bother you. It's just a movie, it's made for entertainment... nothing more.

Mission Impossible III

Highly recommended! For me, this is the best of the MI series.


Our Sunday plan for Canada's Wonderland was postponed to Monday since it was raining on and off the whole day. So we missed out on the fireworks!

Here's the kids having fun with the Taxi Jam ride...


fennymun said...
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fennymun said...

Hi Jo, I had also watched these two movies here. What're the sentiments of "Da Vinci code" in CA? It has stirred up different responses among Christians here. There is even a site for "counter-arguements" against it. Yes, it's a FICTION, but one can't help thinking what if....

Ann said...

I did not watch the movie yet but I think it depends on how you handle your faith.

Joy said...

I agree with you, DVC is fiction, nothing more.

Hey, I missed out Mission Impossible III. I'll just wait for the DVD this time.

Have you updated your family website? I'm gonna take a peek at it in a lil while. I enjoyed viewing your photos and your scraps (I wish I have your talent).

Patrice said...

You know, after reading the book I had my doubts. But I had to remind myself that it was a work of fiction and the doubts went away. It may be that this is the reason why all the advocates are so against the movie, it can after all, plant seeds of doubt. But if their faith is strong, they would not have a hard time separating fact from fiction.

MI3 is highly recommendable. I love all MI movies even if I had stopped liking tom Cruise. Hehe.

JO said...

Hi Fenny,

There are rallies here about the movies too.

Hi Ann,

If your faith is strong, then watching it wont have an impact on you.

Hi Joy,

Yes, I update my family website at least once a month.

Hi Patrice,

I was told that the book have more "facts"... but I don't have any plans to read it anymore. Tama na ang movie.

agring said...

You know I was tricked with MI 3. I thought Samuel Jackson was the traitor! Were u?

JO said...

Hi Agring,

Samuel Jackson was not in the movie... do you mean Lawrence Fishborne?

Junnie said...

galing! 2 great movies in 1 weekend. di ba masakit sa bulsa :)?

the effects of MI3 will surely be better seen on the big screen than on DVD di ba?

JO said...

Hi Junnie,

It's only once in a blue moon that I get to watch on the big screen. Di naman masakit sa bulsa kasi we watched at Rainbow Cinema which costs $4.25 only (matinee shows).

Big screen is still the best way to watch movies.

Anonymous said...

Fell asleep during DaVinci Code. So what happened again?

ghee said...

yeah,Jo,Da Vinci Code is fiction.
It pissed me off a little,but in the end,I realized the talents of the movie makers.

But I like Tom Hanks,that never changed. :D

Happy weekend!!

agring said...

Opps! my mistake Jo. I mean Lawrence.
'hiya tuloy ako!

mama jenn said...

hi. where in canada do you live? how long have you been there?

JO said...

Hi Ghee,

Same here (about Tom Hanks).

Hi Agring,

Ok lang... na mixed up mo lang ang name nila.

Hi Mama Jenn,

Welcome to my blog. Pls visit again. I live close to Toronto.