Optical Illusions #3

Can you tell me which word you see first?

Optical or Illusion

Optical or Illusion?

You or Me

You or Me?

Teach or Learn

Teach or Learn?

Good or Evil

Good or Evil?

Here's more optical illusions: click here and here


Soul_Seeker said...

Hehe nakakaaliw naman 'to :)

Eto sagot ko:

#1 Illusion

#2 Me

#3 For some reason, I saw both words at the same time.

#4 Good.

Hope you're doing great! Take care :)

MrsPartyGirl said...

kaaliw! ako optical, me, teach, & good :D

May said...


Thanks for the greeting. Sorry for the late response. I haven't been surfing lately.

evi said...

optical. you. learn. evil.

evi said...

illusion. me. teach. good

She said...

hi Jo! la ka tagboard kaya dito na lang ako mangamusta. =) Take care always!

ethel said...

Hi Jo, pinagmasdan ko talaga nabasa ko lahat both words at the same time. Great shares, nakakatuwa.

Raquel said...

I read them both, so what do you think, hehehe.

very tricky, nice post Jo.

agring said...

Here's my answers:
illusion, teach, me, good...

Kevin Lam said...

Hi Jo, it's the end of semester and the examination period is over, so I back again.

The optical illusion are good, do you still have those files? please send a copy to me. thanks

JO said...

Interesting talaga ang mga optical illusions no... I'm sure there's an interpretation on the words that we see first... di ko lang alam. ",)