Patricia's first!

Mother's day was spend in Canada's Wonderland with the Manarang family.

Jedith, Jericho, Jasmine, Patricia and Patrick

Jericho and Patricia

Patricia enjoyed Jimmy Neutron's Brainwasher, Dora's Dune Buggies, Treetop Lookout, Swan Lake, Aerofield, Jetson's Rocketport, Hanna-Barberry-Go-Round, Antique Carrousel and she also tried something new this time --

Rugrats Toonpike

The Rugrats are at it again; finding trouble and adventure around every corner. Join them in the driver's seat at the Rugrats Toonpike. Drivers and navigators will need to team up to bump other drivers, while they avoid being bumped themselves.

She is a good driver and can manuever herself out of the jam.

The Fly

The fly takes four thrill seekers at a time over an exhilarating 50-foot drop, through hairpin twists and turns and wild, breathtaking bumps. This coaster's unique design provides each rider with the feeling that they are riding in the front car while also allowing for some of the wildest side winding turns ever experienced in a coaster.

She goes from "wheee!!!" to having a stiff body when we plunge down the 50-foot drop and then goes "wheee!!!" again. I ask her if she had fun, she said "yes." But when I ask her if she wants to go again, she said "no."


Ann said...

Mukhang nag enjoy si Patricia. Ang sarap maging bata no?

ghee said...

nice pix,jo! ang ganda pala jan? :)

JO said...

Hi Ann,

super happy si Patricia! at wala pa siyang takot.

Thanks Ghee!

bugsybee said...

The joy of childhood! Sometimes I think children are braver and more daring than we are when it comes to rides. 50 ft! my goodness, I wouldn't dare. Belated happy mom's day, Jo!

Junnie said...

Is it open now? Whooyoo, Canada wonderland here we come!!!!

its always a great way to spend a day being like kids, di ba?

JO said...

Hi Bugsy,

Patricia has been to many rides before we tried this one out... and she was having so much fun, she wanted to try everything! There was not a hint of being scared on her face, but excitement.

Hi Junnie,

Tara lets go! Naka season pass na kami eh.

Raquel said...

Mukhang enjoy na enjoy ang mga bata a. Buti nalang di sila matakutin. Very cool din mga pictures.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,

Si Patrick matakutin... si Patricia di pa niya alam matakot... hehehe...