May 1 was the last day for filing taxes. I was in the office from 9:30am to 11:00pm! It was a really long day for me! But am so glad that it was finally over.

Tuesday and Wednesday:
I was extended for 2 more days, but my work sched was from 12noon to 5pm only. I am so tired I don't want to work long hours anymore.

Tuesday morning was spent at the doctor's office. And that night, it was the first time, after 10 weeks, that we all sat down to have our family dinner together. My hubby is actually happy that my work is over. Now, my family will be eating freshly cooked food and not instant or leftover food. ",)

Wednesday morning, I enrolled my daughter in French Immersion school for the coming school year. She and her brother will be going to the same school in September.

The whole day was spent doing laundry and cleaning up the house, especially the kids bedroom. I never realized how much dust we have until my eyes got irritated once again.

Today, I plan to relax a little and mop the floor later... in the meantime, I'm catching up on the blog readings...

Happy weekend everyone!


Junnie said...

Finslly... time to relax...not so fast...being a mom is a non-stop no Vacation job :) ingat

MrsPartyGirl said...

uuuy balik full-time mommy duties na naman, hehe. youre lucky to have a job that's seasonal. at least you wont have to be away from your kids longer than is necessary :)

JO said...

Hi Junnie,

True. But at least now I can concentrate on being just a mom.

Hi Meeya,

It has its pros and cons. Iba pa rin yun may suweldo.

jealine-anjel said...

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JO said...

Hi Jealine,

Thanks for visiting my blog.