Weekend getaway #1: Inverhuron

We love the beach!

Last Saturday, in view of the good weather (temperature in the average of 20C) and our first glimpse of summer weather, we decided on an impromptu road trip.

Wearing our summer shorts and caps, we drove 3 hours to Inverhuron Park... "Inverhuron is famous for its sandy beach, dunes and glorious sunsets." But since sunset was at 8:30pm, we didn't get to enjoy the view. The place was practically deserted... when we got there, our car was the only car in the whole parking lot.

We arrived 4pm and left the beach by 6pm. Then we drove another 20 minutes to Point Clark Lighthouse. The view here was spectacular! Sad to say we only stayed long enough to take pictures as it was starting to get cold again and I didn't bring any sweaters for all of us.

Sunday, we decided to take the kids to the beach again, but this time to somewhere closer... we decided to go to Jack Darlings Park which is 20 minutes away and it was crowded! Hubby couldn't find a parking space... we left him in the car while me and the kids hit the beach... after an hour, we decided to go home since hubby still couldn't get a parking space. And there were people fighting over parking spaces already.


MrsPartyGirl said...

aww kaka-inggit! the nearest beach to us is about 4 hours away. although i'm not really a beach person (because i don't like swimming in salt water), but i do love staring into large bodies of water for the tranquility they bring.

you should do that more often, you know having impromptu road trips and stuff. very conducive to great family bonding moments. :)

Ann said...

Sarap nga mag beach. Alam mo ba dito sa amin, sa beach eh bawal mag shorts..hehehe.. eh di lalo na mag swim suit.

JO said...

Hi Meeya,

at first my kids kept on complaining that the drive was too long... but when they saw that we couldnt find a parking spot on sunday, they said that we should have just gone back to where we were on saturday even if its too far.

i love the serenity and tranquility of the ocean too... you can't really swim here even at the peak of summer, the water is still too cold...

Hi Ann,

Ang corny naman kasi dyan eh... hehehe... so paano kayo ng be-beach at swim? naka long pants?

agring said...

Ako nakaligo na kahit a little bit cold. Actually Jo mayrong spot na warmer. You just have to brave and feel the water; lol.

Maybe one day we will meet at the beach. What do you think?

TinTin said...

Hey Jo, thanks for the producers tip. We saw it on our recent trip and I enjoyed it so very much. yay, to trips for everyone!

JO said...

Hi Agring,

sure! may malapit pang beach dyan sa inyo? we can have a picnic or something.

lake huron is very clean... you should visit it when you have the time.

Hi Tintin,

Glad you enjoyed the Producers.

jairam said...

hi jo, I love the beach too. and I'm lucky I have a hubby who takes me around for a swim and some beach activities :)

evi said...

two extreme scenarios. a parking lot all for yourself and a full parking lot. hehehe...

JO said...

Hi Jairam,

aren't we both lucky that our husbands like to go out of town trips too?

thanks for stopping by.

Hi Evi,

Yup, total opposites... now I would prefer to take trips to more secluded beaches.

analyse said...

swerte nyo, we have to drive at least 6 hours to have a feel of the ocean/sea here... just got back from the sea too, now, bébé and I have an amazing tan..

JO said...

Hi Ana,

At least you get to go out of town to the beach once in awhile. ",)