The Wigwam Project

This is for my son's social studies class... he had to make a wigwam.

At first I was totally lost. They were given this assignment on the 19th but he forgot to bring it home. On the 23rd he brought it home and told me its due on the 26th. That means I have to buy the materials on the 24th and have 2 evenings to do it.

Buying the materials was the hardest part for me as I don't know where to find a stick that can bend without breaking... my son said we can use "pipe cleaners" but honestly I don't know what he means. And since there's no way I will make him miss school to help me buy the materials, I have to do it myself.

So there I was spending the whole morning in 2 different stores asking for a "stick that can bend"... I got the other materials except for the "pipe cleaners"... then it was time to pick up my daughter from school and then continue on with my search. Finally, I decided to use the wire stems used for making flowers.

Final stop is the dollar store to buy the indian figurines for the final touch. It was already 1pm and we didn't have lunch yet. And my daughter said "mommy, this is the pipe cleaners that ahiya needs." [Ahiya is the chinese term for big brother] I ask "are you sure?" She said "yes." She knew it all along and there I was looking for something that I have a name but don't know what it looks like and since I'm not sure if my son is saying the right material, I didn't ask the saleslady about "pipe cleaners". If I have I would be done in 1 hour in 2 stores instead of spending 4 hours in 4 different stores!

Day 1 - we spent 2 hours building the foundation and installing the reed posts

Day 2- another 1.5 hours to attached the roof

Then we add the finishing touch...

Here's the outcome!

A wigwam is a native American lodge frequently having an oval shape and covered with bark or hides.
The oral presentation of his project is today. Goodluck Patrick!


Ann said...

You know, it was an issue here in our school before about those school projects being done at home because for sure 99% the parents were the one doing them.

So now, they don't give projects na alam nilang di kayang gawin ng bata.

mama jenn said...

wow, labor of love! i hope patrick gets a good grade.

JO said...

Hi Ann and Jenn,

He did most of the work naman... I was just there for guidance... I help him with the glue gan, he doesn't like it kasi napaso na siya minsan.

This is patrick's 2nd project for the year.

MrsPartyGirl said...

hmmm, magkaiba ba ang wigwam sa teepee? ang alam kong wigwam yung chocolate dati nakasabayan ng cloud 9 hehehe.

evi said...

you can easily find pipe cleaners from lewiscraft or michaels.

good job, patrick!

ghee said...

oh,thanx for sharing this,i wonder what wigwam is :)

goodluck to patrick!

house project here is so rare,maybe bcoz everyones busy and couldnt cooperate with kids.

but on summer vacation,thats the longest among 4 vacations here,seasonably,my eldest used to do a piggy bank,a drawing or painting,or a journal on howd they spend their days.thats all,and the kids could do them by themselves :D

Junnie said...

labor of love nga! the layers for the wigwam could've also been papier mache, wet strips of newspapers, then dried, then painted...

a Teepee is cone shaped, a wig wam is not. so Patrick and you made a great looking Wigwam

pao said...

galing naman ng wigwam na yan. panalo! :)

JO said...

Hi Meeya,

Teepee is different from a wigwam.

Hi Evi,

yup, now I know!

Hi Ghee,

dito din, very rare, this is pat's 2nd project for the year lang.

Hi Junnie,

I didn't have enough time to be artistic about it. Pat only got 2 evenings to do it.

Thanks Pao! How are you doing?

Kevin Lam said...

I do not know what is a Wigwam, I just learn it from the pictures that you posted. The photo are wonderful showing stage by stage in-the-making, parang pictures sa loob ng mga DIY books.

The skeleton "pipe cleaner" reminds me of my Christmas home project back in grade six, it was a parol.

Mimi said...

aMichaels is one of my favorite craft store. You can find everything you need for school project there. Also, you can try Joann store. I love these stores.

JO said...

Hi Lam,

I think I'm the only one who doesn't know what a pipe cleaners look like unitl now... hehehe....

Hi Mimi,

I need to stay away from Michaels, the store got too much stuff that I love to buy but can't afford.