Conversation #13: A wish came true

MIL's visit is usually 1-2 weeks only. This visit is 12 days long. And my son would always beg her to stay longer. He is a grandma's boy.

MIL's flight was yesterday at 4:15pm, so my son had to say 'goodbye' before he goes to the school in the morning.

GRANDSON: Lola, can't you stay a little bit longer? Please rebook your flight.
GRANDMA: Don't worry, we'll see each other in Washington DC in 3 days.
GRANDSON: Aaaah, but I don't want to go on another long drive. Can I just hide in your luggage and go with you instead?
GRANDMA: But you will suffocate.
GRANDSON: Leave a small hole for me. ",)

Later that day, all flight to NYC was canceled. My son's wish came true! His grandma is here to stay for one more day. But the other grandson waiting in NYC is disappointed!

This morning, we went through the same thing. My son knows its faster to go to the States by plane than by car. We have been going on road trips the past 3 weekends... and he is getting restless with the long driving.


mama jenn said...

ok ang anak mo ha? wais :D :D im sure touched na touched si lola.

fennymun said...

Your son is really sweet. :)

JO said...

Hi Jenn and Fenny,
Yup, the grandma was very touched! If she could, I know she will take him with her.

cruise said...

sweet naman ng grandson sa grandma. sana magka-apo din ako ng kagaya nya. pero bago yun mag-aasawa muna ako, hehehe

Junnie said...

why not have Grandma go with Grandson on the road trip :) ? mas masaya di ba? Ingat sa drive!

ghee said...

a grandma and a grandhild relationship..youching naman.

hope you have a wonderful time out there,jo!

Ann said...

Malakas daw ang mga bata sa Itaas.

Masarap kasing magmahal ang mga grandparents.

MariKay said...

Hello Jo, thats so cute what your son said. Those are things I use to try and write down in my kids memory books...take care and happy weekend..

ANALYSE said...

poor lil boy..iniwan ni lola. in louna's case, it was the grandparents who had a hard time leaving her, but what was touching was, my mom was sick upon arriving in the phils, and louna was sick too at the same time...lola and apo bonding...

JO said...

Hi Cruise,
Hehehe... gusto mo i-blind date kita?

HI Junnie,
I don't think grandma will be comfortable for the long drive with the kids asking "are we there yet?"

Hi Ghee,
Medyo fave apo ang anak ko, palibhasa first apo kasi.

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Yup, my kids are really lucky!

Hi Marikay,
My kids each have their own journal and I try to update it as much as I could. So I will let forget.

Hi Analyse,
Happy na ulit si apo, kasi magkasama na sila ulit ng lola. Hope Louna and Lola are better now.

This is my first access to internet since we left last friday!

bugsybee said...

How nice it must be to grow old like your MIL, when grandchildren beg you to stay longer with them. Jo, old people have a saying that when you raise your children well, your grandchildren will return the blessing a hundredfold. I'm happy for you and your MIL. You should be proud of your son.

Raquel said...

Wise naman ni Patrict, lagyan ng small hole huh.

JO said...

Hi Bugsy,
Yup, am proud of my son! And of course he knows how to make his Lola happy.

Hi Raquel,
Are you back from your vacation?