Do I dare?

I love theme parks!

I love the thrilling roller coaster rides with loops and twists and turns. From a roller coaster where you are totally seated and secured, to hanging and dangling feet, to a roller coaster where you are standing up and a roller coaster where you are lying face down, even one where you move backwards... I've tried it all! And whenever we could (depending on the lineups), hubby and I will always take the front rows/seats.

Let me name a few of the rides that I've tried...

  1. Batman the Ride @ Six Flags, New Jersey, 1993/2003

    This is one of the first roller coaster ride I've ever tried outside of the Philippines. My feet were dangling in this looping roller coaster. And ever since then I love roller coasters!
    Riders sit four-across, secured by shoulder and belt harnesses. The floor drops beneath their feet and the train leaves the station, skilift-style. Ride includes five head-over-heels experiences - including two vertical outside loops, two outside helixes and a zero gravity roll. Trains ride on the outside, not the inside of each of the loops.
  2. Superman's Ultimate Flight @ Six Flags, New Jersey, 2003

    A ride where you are lying face down... and facing the sky...

    The only coaster of its kind in the Northeast! A pretzel-shaped, inverted loop where trains climb to the top of the figure and dive into the loop close to the ground -- highlighting the feeling of flying. Plus, there's a sequence of thrilling curves and dives (including a highly inclined "horseshoe" curve and high-speed spiral), as well as a 360-degree in-line roll.
  3. Dueling Dragons @ Islands of Adventure, Orlando, 1998/2004

    Another one of my favorite rides! Whether it be the Ice or Fire (blue for Ice and red for Fire), I love them both!

    Dare thee ride a twisted dragon? This thrill ride, a dual track inverted roller coaster, comes with the greatest rollercoaster queue area ever created. Go left and Fire is your destiny. Go right and Ice is your endeavor.
    Here's a video clip of the ride.

  4. The Incredible Hulk Coaster @ Islands of Adventure, Orlando, 1998/2004
    This is one mean, green, twisting machine. The track's launch is unique in that it is not the traditional linear induction motor catapult. Halfway up the lift, 220 motors beneath the track kick in to power the wheels and send you soaring into an amazing weightless zero roll. The demands are so intense that the ride had to install its own power plant generators so it wouldn't suck the juice out of the rest of the park -- or Orlando for that matter -- every time a Hulk coaster went into orbit.
    Here's a video clip of the ride.

  5. The Bat @ Canada's Wonderland, 2003

    First you go forward like any other roller coaster then suddenly you go backwards! woohoo!

    On the Bat, the riders are pulled backwards and launched through an unyielding corkscrew and a breathtaking loop. After one trip through The Bat's intense, tight track, riders have little time to catch their breath when The Bat climbs its second launch to take riders through one more time - Backwards!
  6. Skyrider @ Canada's Wonderland, 2006

    This is my first "standing up" roller coaster ride. A different kind of feeling and I love it!

    On SkyRider, riders soar through loops, sharp bank curves and a side-winding helix while standing up! This coaster takes all of the classic elements of a steel coaster and adds the intensity and freedom of a new point of view.
  7. Nitro Flight @ Six Flags, New Jersey, 2003

    The scariest ride I've ever tried! From the line-up of this ride, you will not see the ride itself, it was well hidden, so I didn't really know what to expect. Once there, I don't really feel secure with the seat since there's no seat belt of any kind at all. All we have is an open-sided cars with lap-bar restraint. I can really see myself falling off... This is the longest 4 minutes ride of my life!

    The most explosive coaster on the planet blasts-off to an unbelievable 230 feet with a 215 foot dive back to Earth at hyper-speeds approaching 80 mph. This all-new, colossal mega coaster features an ultra-intense, mile-long track packed with relentless thrills! Seven steep and dramatic drops, double highly-banked horizontal loops, an S-curve and high-speed "hammer head" featuring intense, tight twists and turns are jam-packed into this colossal scream machine.

There's one new ride that I am asking myself if I dare to try... do I dare go to Cedar Point in Ohio for this?

Top Thrill Dragster [The following pictures are from my inbox]

Riders begin their epic journey aboard this whopping 42-story screamer by securing themselves into ultra-cool trains that resemble top fuel dragsters. The train then moves into a "starting line" position, where it is launched forward, reaching 120 mph in approximately four seconds. The train then zooms straight up the 420-foot-tall hill on track that rotates 90 degrees, crests the coaster's apex and then free falls back to Earth. But hold on, this isn't your father's roller coaster. As the train races 400 feet to the ground, the track twists an unbelievable 270 degrees. what a rush!
Scary? Yup, its scary alright! Please look at the other pictures on the links above then take a look at this picture!

So do I dare try this one out? I think I will (given the opportunity).


MrsPartyGirl said...

sama ako sa iyo!!! i love love love roller coasters! :D unfortunately my hubby hates hates hates them! *pout*. siguro, kailangan ko muna hintayin si ninna until she's tall (or old) enough to ride with me, hehe.

VICKY said...

those are thrilling rides. I just been to one in Seaworld, Gold Coast Qld Australia and promised will never go again!!!due to my age seguro haha! but I love the ferris wheel and my dream is to go on that London Eye in London. I love theme parks though. Sige enjoy while you are young and able.
keep on blogging and thanks for visiting my blog.

JO said...

Hi Meeya,

If you do drop by Toronto this summer, let me know and I will take you to Canada's Wonderland and I promise you we will have a blast!

Hi Vicky,

I wish I could try out the theme parks in Australia soon... kailan kaya ako makakarating doon??? hehehe...

ghee said...


they look so thrilling and my! you have guts! :D

I`m afraid of height :(
Though,i had to join my kids in Disneyland`s rides.
Goshh,The Space mountain brought my body into pieces hehehe

but i love The Thunder mountain,its slower and the design,the rocks,the cave,i like them.

And the Splash Mountain..inside was sooo beautiful,they have lots of cute dummies inside,but the climax,
i dunno how many meters you`d fall so sudden,akala ko naiwan ko ang soul ko sa itaas haha!buti may tubig,nahimasmasan ako.

Look at the woman in th pic,shikeess,i pity her..

bugsybee said...

JO, my goodness! Not even 10 carabaos can drag me to try that dragster. I don't wanna die yet. LOL

JO said...

Hi Ghee,

From 42 story high ba naman... tapos straight down... hehehe... mangyari kaya sa akin yon?

Hi Bugsy,

I'm not 100% sure if I wanna try it... I guess I will decide when I get there... if I get there... hehehe. And if I do get there, sayang naman not to try... kahit na once in my lifetime.

agring said...

I tried 1 of the roller coaster before in Marineland. I don't know what to call it pero yong pababa, pataas. It will slow you down and then biglang mabilis. Ngayon ayaw ko na natatakot na

Kinunan mo ba ng pic yong babae na nabasa? lol

pao said...

hey! nakita ko din itong top thrill dragster sa isang e-mail. eek! pics pa lang nakakatakot na. kung pustiso ngipin ng sumakay eh baka nalunok na nya ito. :lol:

JO said...

Hi Agring,

You mean the Sky Screamer? That's NOT a roller coaster type...

Hi Pao, LOL!

evi said...

thrill rides are not for me.

Duke said...

like meeya, I lurve roller coasters but hubby hates it. I especially like the "closed" roller coaster. I ahd that in Eurodisney and it was fantastic. They gave you earphones and you listen to Aerosmith's songs blasting while you are going up and down in a dark tunnel with neon lights.

I am a theme park fan. I'm still waiting for that chance to visit all the orlando theme parks.

JO said...

Hi Evi,

Awwww.... you're missing out a lot!

Hi Duke,

Yes, I've been to a roller coaster inside the mountain and it was totally dark... and you can't see the turns at all... it's Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom.

Junnie said...

naku pati ako maiihi rin...

we didnt know Six Flags in NJ had those thrill rides...:), we passed it off vs. 6-hrs in Jackson Premium always wins!

jenee said...

hey jo!grabe bilib ako sayo! ako nga sinumpa ko yung anchor's away sa Enchanted Kingdom e! di na ko sasakay ulit dun! at syempre di mo talaga ako mapapasakay sa space shuttle!hehehe

JO said...

Hi Junnie,

You should try it on your next trip to NY/NJ! Here's a tip for you: Nitro should be your last ride for the day!

Hi Jenee,

I don't like anchors away too... i can feel butterfly in my stomach... pero with roller coasters, iba ang feeling... try it!

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Wow, you're a real thrill seeker! I'm amazed as I read the details of those rides. I guess the roller coaster at EK is already kidstuff for you after seeing that massive Top Thrill Dragster. Imagine, 42 stories! O my, I wonder if I could summon all my courage to try something as daring as that. Chances are I might back out when it's my turn to ride. ha! ha! Thanks for sharing.