Mixed nuts #5

Jury Duty scam:

Be warn of the telephone call involving jury duty that could lead to your identity being stolen.

Most of us take those summons for jury duty seriously, but enough people skip out on their civic duty, that a new and ominous kind of scam has surfaced.

In this con, someone calls pretending to be a court official who threateningly says a warrant has been issued for your arrest because you didn't show up for jury duty. The caller claims to be a jury coordinator. If you protest that you never received a summons for jury duty, the scammer asks you for your Social Security number and date of birth so he or she can verify the information and cancel the arrest warrant. Sometimes they even ask for credit card numbers. Give out any of this information and bingo! Your identity just got stolen.

Uncle Bus:

Hong Kong. A young man tapped the shoulder of the middle-aged man who was talking very loudly on his cellphone while inside a commuter bus. The middle-aged man reacted and bombarded the young-man with strong words for 6 minutes. Thank you for the cellphone technology, somebody recorded most of the conversation.

It reached 1.7 million hits in 3 weeks and because of its popularity even Wikipedia have it.

Fruits and Personalities:

Got this from my inbox... Did you know that you can tell what kind of personalities people have by the kind of fruits they like?

Which fruit would you pick first if you were handed the following. Click on the name of the fruit you picked to see your personality.

Orange | Apple | Banana | Coconut
Pineapple | Papaya | Mango | Cherry
Black Grapes | Peach | Custard Apple | Pear


thescrubsfamily said...

This is a sample of people who make a big fuss of anything and e v erything. Poor kid, he was just trying to diffuse the matter.

I'd pick ...apple, mango and pineapple. If I pick just one... it's the apple.

fennymun said...

Hi Jo, don't know that there are websites other than local ones having "Uncle Bus" video. This is rather crazy and wierd - not only the action itself but the vast amount of people browsing through the 6-minute recording.

I pick cherry.

JO said...

Hi JO,

that's true!

Hi Fenny,

Yup, it's that famous! and with english subtitle!

Am one of the crazy people who watched this "nonsense" video! lol!

bugsybee said...

Hi Jo! Wow, that Uncle Bus video certainly was interesting even if I didn't understand a word (the subtitles gave me an idea nonetheless). I wonder what would have happened to the old man if this unfortunate incident happened in the Philippines. I often encounter people almost shouting on their phones but the loudest are the oldest users (maybe because many older people have hearing problems?).
By the way, I chose orange. It's my favorite, especially Mandarin oranges!

mama jenn said...

can't access utube right now, ang dami yatang gustong manood :)

im a cherry :)

Kevin Lam said...

The identity of all the people involved are known.

Funny thing was the bus uncle requested HK$100,000 (US$12,000) for an exclusive interview. Then, it was rumour that a magazine compromise to HK$10,000 (US$1,200) instead. real crazy.

JO said...

Hi Bugsy,
weird no?

Hi Jenn,
its a useless video anyway, wala lang, thought I'd share it kasi sikat daw (kuno)!

Hi Lam,
interview??? what for? they should just donate the amount paid to world vision, dami pang batang makikinabang.

JO said...

BTW, my fave is mango!