Busy bee #3

One of my best friend arrived last Sunday night from Taiwan. She's staying with us temporarily until she can find a place of her own. Jetlag and resting at home wasn't part of her vocabulary... This has been our sched since she arrived:

Her plane arrived at 10pm but she came out around 11:20pm. We had midnight dinner and chatted till 2am.

We took the bus to Square One so she can open her bank account... went to the grocery to buy toiletries... inquired about cellphone plans...

I took her to enjoy Splash Island (water park) at Canada's Wonderland... We had a blast and all sunburned!

She finally bought her SIM card so she can start texting family and friends... She also babysat for me when I went on my interview... then later at night, we drove her around downtown Toronto to look at some apartment. My son has been giving us a hard time the whole day today.

She went to downtown Toronto to look for an apartment by herself. I have to pass this time since I don't think my kids will enjoy walking around looking for apartment.

Besides I have a lot of chores to do at home and I miss my computer and blogging. hehehe...


atoy said...

magkano ba diyan ang rentahan ng flat, kung furnished na 2 bedroom apartment.
ano ang average price diyan ng bahay which can accomodate a family of 2 adult and 2 kids na hindi naman sila masyadong siksikan.

JO said...

Hi Atoy,

I don't know the rate for furnished apartments, it varies per location.

Average 2 bedroom unfurnished apartment is somewhere between $900 - 1200 depending on the location.

evi said...

an apartment in the heart of the city is quite expensive.

JO said...

Hi Evi,

It is indeed very expensive... but what can I do, that is where she wants to look for now.

Ann said...

Marami na rin kaming family friends dati rito na andyan na ngayon, halos sa Toronto ang puntahan nila. So far hirap daw yung mga first 2 yrs nila...ngayon stable na rin daw kahit papaano.

Kaya lang miss nila yung bakasyon yearly na dating nagagawa nung andito pa sila.

William said...

Keep in mind that most landlords will not allow different sex children to share a room even if this is NOT a law (it has always been a misconception). You can file a complaint but nobody would go to that expensive and long process when they need the apartment now. So if ever you cannot find a landlord that will allow you, you may be forced to rent a 3BR room if you have a daughter and a son.

fennymun said...

Hi Jo,
Glad to see you around again. I've tagged you! You're IT! (Hope you don't mind though.)

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Yup, I met a lot of people from Saudi, mas naging mabilis sa kanila ang mag migrate from Saudi than from Manila.

Hi William,
Yup, that was our problem before, buti na lang at napakiusapan namin since both kids were really small at that time.

Hi Fenny,
No problem. I'll do it soon...