Pros and Cons

Good things about being out of town --

  • I have my inlaws to keep the kids busy and occupied
  • My kids get to spend some time with their other cousins
  • Hubby and I get to relax and watch dvd/movies with no worries (my BIL got quite a huge selection of dvds at home)
  • I don't have to cook nor worry about my menu for the week (though I was asked to make palabok for my SIL's house blessings)
  • No dishes to wash since we used paper plates all the time
  • We get to eat and try different restaurants (courtesy of my inlaws)
  • Though we travelled from Mississauga to Washington DC to Cape May to Atlantic City to New York City and Fairfield, we had quite a huge "savings" since my MIL paid for almost everything, including our gas. Yippeeee!
  • And of course, spending quality time with the FAMILY - priceless!

The negative side of it all --
  • Kids never stop asking "are we there yet?"
  • Kids never stop complaining the travel time from cities to cities...
  • Kids never eat a proper meal during our trip
  • And tend to eat a lot of junk food (courtesy of my inlaws)
  • And tend to sleep really late due to our numerous activities

Travelling in big groups --
  • It was definitely hard to travel in big groups (our group consists of 3 kids under 10, 2 senior citizens, 1 handicapped, a pregnant SIL + 4 adults, total of 11)
  • Our breakfast is usually at 8-10am... lunch is 2-3pm... and dinner is 8-10pm...
  • We missed out a lot in Washington DC especially since its the first for most of us... mainly because the grandparents prefers to stay in the tour bus rather than walk.
  • But I did get the chance to see Atlantic City even though it wasn't part of our itinerary.
  • Everybody seems to have their own itinerary in mind like meeting someone for lunch/dinner... yet not everybody in the group would agree to it because its out of the way or there's not enough time... some people just wanted to sleep... and the kids were just happy to stay at home and play together... and yet everybody wants to stay together! ",)


fennymun said...

It really sounds like a big group. I guess as long as you are with the other family members, there are always more pros than cons.

Tani said...

it does sound like a big and fun group... it's just a few cons... plenty of pros. :)

Mmy-Lei said...

wow, you really had a goodtime with your family and still have a time to post...

have fun!

pao said...

wow! looks like you had a super fun vacay. never mind the cons, basta vacation... enjoy! :)

JO said...

Hi Fenny, Tani and Pao!

Hi Mmmy-Lei,
My inlaws have left already... its just us and the kids again. Kaya may time na ulit mag blog.

Raquel said...

Wow! Ang dami nyo pala. I am sure enjoy na enjoy kayong lahat, especially the kids.

Ganyan talaga ang bakasyon, nakakapagod pero masaya.

evi said...

i think the best thing of 'em all is you get to travel without spending too much. how i wish! hahaha...

travelling with a large group is fine as long as everyone agrees to the plan.

mama jenn said...

hmmm... the pros outweigh the cons naman e. :D biyahe uli!

ANALYSE said...

And tend to eat a lot of junk food (courtesy of my inlaws)
haha, i like the phrase inside the bracket..

it's always fun to travel with the family, how i wish!

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Yup, there was a time that there were 13 of us...

Hi Evi,
That is why I AM NOT ALLOWED to complain... because its free!

Hi Jenn,
My hubby's whole family love travelling... budget permitting... so I am sure there's gonna be more travelling for us. Sana parati lang may sasagot ng gastusin.

Hi Analyse,
Taga spoil talaga ang mga grandparents... kaya hirap ang parents mag discipline pag nandyan ang mga grandparents... di ba?