Weekend getaway #5: USA

Family reunion in Washington, D.C. and NYC consists of hubby's parents, his only sister, her husband and son, Aunt E and her 3 children and 2 grandchildren from Virginia Beach and Uncle F (but we love calling him Lolo Boss) from Manila. Uncle L, who is based in Saudi, joined us in NYC.

  • Day 1: We drove almost 12 hours from Mississauga to Arlington, Virginia... and had a late dinner with family and relatives at Buca Di Beppo in Washington, D.C.

    A big family reunion!

  • Day 2: City tour with stops to take pictures at the White House and Washington Monument. It's hard to travel in a big group, my inlaws and Boss don't like walking that much... my SIL is pregnant... and the 3 kids were happy running around and playing. We missed out a lot on the sightseeing. Definitely have to go back again.

    We left Washington D.C. at 7pm and drove another 4+ hours to Cape May, New Jersey.

  • Day 3: We spent the day at Wildwoods' boardwalk and arcade and later at Cape May beach. Kids were playing baseball in the sand since the water is too cold.

    I decided to feed the seagulls in the hope that Boss will enjoy it... but it turned out that he was afraid of them. Poor Boss!

    From the beach, we were able to see 2 dolphins.

    Movie night @ home: Failure to Launch -- a very funny movie.

  • Day 4: We visited the Cape May State Park Lighthouse and had a delicious seafood lunch at Lobster House...

    Boss is really hungry and tired, this is about 2:30pm already.
    Yummy lobsters!!!

    Then we drove for another 2 hours to have an early dinner at Tita Tits' new home in New Jersey and then off we go to Atlantic City which is 20 minutes away.

    The kids played mini golf there while hubby and I went strolling down the boardwalk and FIL/MIL/Boss just sat down waiting for us.

    We left Atlantic City at 9:30pm and arrived at Bayside, New York at 1:30am.

  • Day 5: Fourth of July. Rest day for all of us... Patricia had a loose tooth so she didn't eat much...

    and later in the afternoon we went to the grounds of United Nation in New York City for the Fourth of July Fireworks!

    The Planets and a star

  • Day 6: Another rest day for my inlaws, so me, hubby and the kids spent the day at Fairfield, Connecticut to meet with a friend and her family whom I've never seen in 7 years! We got there at 10:15am, exchange stories and had pizza for lunch. It was just a quick meeting since she has to go to work at 2pm. I'm just so glad she was able to squeeze us in her hectic sched.

    Later that night, hubby got sick.

    Movie night @ home: Firewall -- quite disappointing considering its a Harrison Ford movie. The story is quite boring and dragging.

  • Day 7: Another rest day... and laundry day for me... we had family dinner at Ihawan, New York City. Hubby was left at home since he was too sick to eat or even stand up.

    Patricia's tooth finally falls off and she was happy to get a $1 from the Tooth Fairy (aka mommy). She was very happy when this happen. She said with a smile: "Ako ay bungi. I lost a tooth it means I'm growing up!"

    Movie night @ home: Superman Returns -- another disappointing movie. Christopher Reeve's Superman is still the best!

  • Day 8: Boss' dream came true! He's been wanting to see Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty since he came to the United States. We took a 50-minute cruise around the harbor.

  • Lolo Boss, Patricia and Andrii

    Now he is ready to go back home.

  • Day 9: My SIL's house blessing. They bought the condo and moved in last April. This is actually their second house warming party. I prepared palabok and glad to say that it was a success, almost everybody loves it.

    The party ended in karaoke. I was really surprised to see hubby singing and dancing.

    Boss and hubby singing "New York, New York"

  • Day 10: It's goodbye time for everyone... uncle L and aunt E left 10am for Virginia Beach... FIL and Boss going back to Manila and left for the airport at 11:30am... we also left at the same time.

    Cousin Andrii was crying when we left. He was really sad to see his cousins go.

    MIL's flight back to Beijing is at 4:30am the following day.

    Surprisingly, our trip this time only took us 9 hours with 4 quick stops! Its a record breaking road trip for us. Normally our drive to NYC is about 11-14 hours long! We got home just in time for the sunset.


evi said...

i didn't notice that you were gone for that long.

your trip sounded fun!

JO said...

Hi Evi,
It was both fun and tiring! Am sure glad to be back home.

Junnie said...


Great reunion! Buti na lang may mahaba tayong weekend and vacation.

Was hubby starting to kick on the refrain of New York New York? :)

fennymun said...

Hi jo, welcome back. Sounds like you have had a great family reunion. :)

Raquel said...

HI Jo, grabe super ganda at ang dami nyong napuntahan na lugar.

I saw your family photo album online. Wow! Very impressive!

Mmy-Lei said...

what a vacation!

sarap naman ng family reunion!!!

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
Yup, he was starting to kick. :-)

Hi Fenny,
Thanks! It was fun indeed.

Hi Raquel,
Thanks for visiting my website too.

Hi Mmy-Lei,
Masarap ang bakasyon namin kasi sagot lahat ng inlaws ko! hahaha...

mama jenn said...

sarap talaga ng family reunion. im sure you're missing them all now.

ghee said...

Wowww! reunion,foods and fireworks,nothing you can ask for :)

JO said...

Hi Jenn and Ghee,
I wish it was my side of the family though... mas mahilig mag travel ang side ni hubby kaysa yung side ko.

William said...

Gas from Mississuaga to Cape May - a couple of a hundred dollars.

Food from every stop - another couple of a hundred dollars.

Family reunion after 12 hours drive - Priceless!

JO said...

Hi William,
Yes, it is indeed priceless... and worth the long drive.