Canada's Wonderland

We've been to Canada's Wonderland (CW) a lot of times during this summer. Thank you for the season pass, we get to enjoy the park part by part.

On our very first time at CW, my daughter tried The Fly. Though she said she had fun, she had never tried it again. It wasn't the 50-foot drop that scared her, it was the twists and turns and wild, breathtaking bumps that bothers her.

Next, she went on the Ghoster Coaster which she loved very very much. Her smile says it all. Its serpentine track takes young riders over exhilarating drops, tickling camel humps and snappy bank curves. Since then, everytime we go to CW, she had to go to this one. She even knows how many ups and downs and curves this ride have. She's been counting.

Yesterday, she tried the Silver Streak for the very first time and she loved it! I didn't have my camera, so no picture. :( Silver Streak is Canada's first junior inverted coaster with a helix. Young thrill seekers will dive, wind and swoop through its suspended, zigzagged track. My wish came true. She would love to go for a second round, but the line is a bit long on this one. Hopefully we will get to try this one out again before the park season is over.

Don't ask about my son, he never have the guts like his sister have. He went on the Ghoster Coaster once and that was it. He never liked the feeling of "butterfly in his stomach". But when it comes to water rides, he loved it! See the list here? Both my kids have tried it all!

Practical Tips #2

Ten Commandments for Resolving Conflict Situations

  1. Don't lose your temper, you'll lose your point.
  2. Remember, you are trying to win an agreement, not an argument.
  3. Apologize when you're wrong, even on a minor matter.
  4. Don't imply superior knowledge or power.
  5. Acknowledge with grace the significance of the other's comment or statement fo fact.
  6. Know and admit the impact of your demands.
  7. Remember that the ability to separate fact from opinion is the mark of a clear mind and reflects intellectual integrity.
  8. Stay with your point; pursue your objective but don't devastate.
  9. Don't quibble; say what you mean and mean what you say. If you want truth, give it.
  10. Bargain in good faith. Your intellect will tell you when you're bargaining and your conscience will tell you whether you have good faith.


"Mommy, I hate you!"

I guess all mothers have heard this phrase at least once in their lifetime. And as children, we have said this to our own mother at least once in our lifetime too. I know I have.

When my son doesn't get what he wants, he would always say "Mommy, I hate you!"

Yes, it pains me to hear these words. But rather than letting him get away with his misbehavior, I would rather make sure that it doesn't happen again, even though he hates me for it.

As Frank Barone (played by Peter Boyle) of the hit TV series' Everybody Loves Raymond said:

"If your kids like you, you failed as a parent."

Do you agree? I do.

Patricia said...

"I think if you tie the balloon on the baby and nobody holds the baby, the baby and the balloon will fly away..."

Laughingly she continued, "Even though the baby is heavier than the balloon, it will still fly because balloon fly."

A simple reminder to all parents: Encouragement...

I just love

watching my kids sleep. They look like an angel. They look like they're having a wonderful dream. Peaceful and safe.

I miss having my kids in my bed. They've grown so much that we can no longer sleep comfortably in my queen size bed.

Last night, my daughter had a bad dream and I had to move her to my bed... and I just stare at her while she sleeps. It's hard to describe what I felt last night. But all I know is I missed those days when they used to sleep with me.

Practical Tips #1

While I was cleaning up my closet, I found articles I kept about practical tips on parenting... thought I'd share it with you before I throw the papers away. Besides, it's been gathering dust and isn't helping anyone by being in my closet.


How to talk to your child and listen
  1. Be specific and use language your child will understand
  2. Speak slowly and clearly
  3. Keep your directions short and sweet
  4. Wait and give your child a chance to respond
  5. Get down to your child's level, so that the two of you can make eye contact
  6. Always think before you speak - words can hurt
  7. Use correct terms - avoid baby talk
  8. Listen and respect your child's point of view
  9. Always expect disagreements
  10. Always give attention or thank-you's when your child does what you have asked - she will listen more often in the future

How to make more time for you and your child
  1. Have no TV nights - and make time for talking and playing together.
  2. Do family chores together - setting the table or washing the car.
  3. Find time to talk about your child's day, maybe in the car and during bath time.
  4. Tell your child about your day, perhaps while you are making dinner.
  5. Make your child's bedtime 15 minutes earlier, so you can spend more time reading to him.

SOURCE: TV Ontario's Get Ready to Learn

Conversation #15: Man of the house

Hubby left for a "business trip" and before he left, he told my son that he is now "the man of the house" and that he should take care of me and his sister.

When his grandma called last saturday, he told his grandma that he is the man of the house now! He really liked the idea of being called "the man of the house". He feels like a grown up!

Yesterday, my kids are taking turns playing with the computer... when its his sister's turn to play, he would always ask for an extension... now, its almost his turn to play...

PATRICK: "That's not fair. You said 20 minutes not 30 minutes. It's my turn now."
ME: "Learn to be patient, your sister still have 2 minutes left with the computer."

But he couldn't wait... and he keeps on bugging his sister. So I decided to cut off his playtime and send them to bed.

Patrick climbing up the stairs to his bedroom, angrily said:

PATRICK: "I am going to run away."
ME: "Go ahead."
PATRICK: "If I ran away, there's no man in the house anymore."

Weekend getaway #6: New York

August 4-7, 2006

In our recent trip to NYC, I got my kids addicted to Su|do|ku too... its one way to keep them busy in the car so they don't keep asking me "are we there yet?"

Here's Patrick teaching Patricia the logic of Sudoku...

Here's Patrick still having fun with Sudoku on our way back...

As always, we had fun in NYC... not much driving compared to last time... this time, we were there just to relax at home, spend an afternoon at the beach and the park... had lunch at Minado (courtesy of the money wired by my mother-in-law) ... and that was it! The weekend went by so fast!

Your Little Finger... your character...

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Happy birthday

to my precious baby girl! She's 6 today!

Reading for the day: My Angel

Another road trip!

We are off to NYC again...
for the 3rd time this year...
to spend more time with the family...
we'll be back on the 7th.

Reading for the day: Moments in Life

Happy weekend!