Canada's Wonderland

We've been to Canada's Wonderland (CW) a lot of times during this summer. Thank you for the season pass, we get to enjoy the park part by part.

On our very first time at CW, my daughter tried The Fly. Though she said she had fun, she had never tried it again. It wasn't the 50-foot drop that scared her, it was the twists and turns and wild, breathtaking bumps that bothers her.

Next, she went on the Ghoster Coaster which she loved very very much. Her smile says it all. Its serpentine track takes young riders over exhilarating drops, tickling camel humps and snappy bank curves. Since then, everytime we go to CW, she had to go to this one. She even knows how many ups and downs and curves this ride have. She's been counting.

Yesterday, she tried the Silver Streak for the very first time and she loved it! I didn't have my camera, so no picture. :( Silver Streak is Canada's first junior inverted coaster with a helix. Young thrill seekers will dive, wind and swoop through its suspended, zigzagged track. My wish came true. She would love to go for a second round, but the line is a bit long on this one. Hopefully we will get to try this one out again before the park season is over.

Don't ask about my son, he never have the guts like his sister have. He went on the Ghoster Coaster once and that was it. He never liked the feeling of "butterfly in his stomach". But when it comes to water rides, he loved it! See the list here? Both my kids have tried it all!


tommmy said...


mukhang masarap talaga sa canada lalo na kung family kayo pupunta dyan. parang nakikita ko na ang saya ng mga bata.

fayenget said...

wow CW! my family used to visit that place... gosh! na-miss ko ulit sila huhuhu. kase puro picture and videos na lang nakakarating sa akin d2 sa pinas... may halong inggit na rin hehehe!

duke said...

looks like another fun family day! your daughter has an adventurous spirit!

Ann said...

Mas malakas pala ang loob ng girl mo. Hindi pa ba pasukan sa school dyan?

ghee said...

haha!your wish came true,Jo!

You and your daughter love roller coasters!

CW looks fun and interesting!

JO said...

Hi Tommy,
Welcome to my blog... enjoy naman sa Canada, it has its own pros and cons din.

Hi Faye,
Talaga? Dami na din daw changes sabi nila. Though this is our first season pass to the park.

Hi Duke,
Yes. It was a fun day indeed.

Hi Ann,
Di ko nga alam kung bakit ganyan ang panganay ko, samantalang mahilig din naman sa mga rides ang daddy niya.

Hi Ghee,
Sulit na sulit ang season pass ni Patricia. Everytime we went there, she would try something new.

Tani said...

i wish we could go there also someday. :) i love theme parks!

JO said...

Hi Tani,
Sayang nga that I don't get to enjoy all the other thrilling rides (for myself). Kasi I can't leave my kids alone. And with hubby out of town, wala din akong kasama sa rides. Call me when you're in town and we can both enjoy the rides.

kero said...

i still have to see that themepark. another addition to my long list of must-see places. =)

mama jenn said...

hmm... mukhang mage-enjoy ako dyan, i love roller coasters. the scarier the better!

Lynneth said...

Hi Jo, did you go to the rides that your daughter went to? She seems brave and courageous. I'm sure your son is the same, type nga lang talaga niya ang anything related to water sports? tama ba? I used to like those scary roller-coaster rides, but with time, mukhang mas gusto ko yong water rides na lang.. ;-) Anyway, you certainly had a happy family day!

JO said...

Hi Kero,
Welcome to my blog.

Hi Jenn,
Naku magkaksundo tayo.

Hi Lynneth,
Yes, I was with my daughter on that ride. She's not allowed to ride on her own pa. As for the water sport, ako naman ang medyo kinakabahan, not because of the height of the ride but because I can't swim so medyo iba lang ang feeling. But of course, wala akong choice but to ride with my kids.

ethel said...

HEhee.. di sya natatakot grabeh! matakutin pala yong son mo JO, :)
Happy weekend!
God Bless..

Junnie said...

aba si Patricia walang di pa pagod after all the late nights waiting for mom to finish help pain...galing!

Linnor said...

Hi Jo, your daughter took after you. Ako naman di kasing tapang ng kids mo. :D Hehehe.... I will just be contented taking pictures of these rides.

JO said...

Hi Ethel,
Happy weekend din sa 'yo!

Hi Junnie,
Wala talagang pagod, and they still want to go back to CW.

Hi Linnor,
My daughter amazes me. I wasn't expecting her to try and enjoy the rides.

pao said...

hehehe! nakakatuwa naman about your son's reactions to the rides. galing ng daughter mo ha! duwag ako sa mga ganyang rides eh. hahaha!

KaDyo said...

ako din takot sa mga extreme na rides hehe. Okay lang yan maybe one of these days eh magkakaroon na ng lakas ng loob ang son mo lalo na pag nakikita nya na nageenjoy ang kanyang big sister =D

JO said...

Thanks Pao.

Hi KaDyo,
My son is 9 and my daughter is 6.

Diana Joy said...

Hi Jo!!!
Can't wait to chat then!

Raquel said...

No, thank you for me.

Next time, be sure the camera is always in the bag, hehehe. Sayang kase mga memories eh.

Thank you for sharing Jo and for taking the time to answer all the comments.

Off-topic: Hey, I am on hiatus, so don't go on my end yet.

yeye said...

ghostercoaster? the one wif the scary people while ridin the coaster? haha ^^

ethel said...

Hiya jo, passing by!
have a great week!

Mec said...


id love to ride all those rides!!!!

bugsybee said...

Jo, would you believe I've not been to a theme park for nearly 25 years? Reading about how your children enjoyed the rides is a good reminder to me about "taking time to smell the flowers" so perhaps one of these days I will go to the Enchanted Kingdom. :)

Tani said...

that will be so cool! us moms just meeting through blogs then meeting up in person at canada's wonderland! but it'll probably be you riding first while i watch your kids for you, then vice versa. hahaha! :)

JO said...

Hi DJ,
I'll try my best...

Hi Raquel,
I didn't forget to bring my camera, its just that my digicam is with hubby who is out of town.

Hi Yeye,

Hi Ethel,
Same to you, thanks for always stopping by,

JO said...

Hi Mec,
Start planning a trip for next summer to try out the rides here.

Hi Bugsy,
Yes, you should do that! and don't forget to share your pictures!

Hi Tani,
I'll leave the kids with the babysitter, so we can enjoy the rides together! deal?

Tani said...

yup, it's a deal! just you wait. :) it'll be mommies' day-off.