Practical Tips #1

While I was cleaning up my closet, I found articles I kept about practical tips on parenting... thought I'd share it with you before I throw the papers away. Besides, it's been gathering dust and isn't helping anyone by being in my closet.


How to talk to your child and listen
  1. Be specific and use language your child will understand
  2. Speak slowly and clearly
  3. Keep your directions short and sweet
  4. Wait and give your child a chance to respond
  5. Get down to your child's level, so that the two of you can make eye contact
  6. Always think before you speak - words can hurt
  7. Use correct terms - avoid baby talk
  8. Listen and respect your child's point of view
  9. Always expect disagreements
  10. Always give attention or thank-you's when your child does what you have asked - she will listen more often in the future

How to make more time for you and your child
  1. Have no TV nights - and make time for talking and playing together.
  2. Do family chores together - setting the table or washing the car.
  3. Find time to talk about your child's day, maybe in the car and during bath time.
  4. Tell your child about your day, perhaps while you are making dinner.
  5. Make your child's bedtime 15 minutes earlier, so you can spend more time reading to him.

SOURCE: TV Ontario's Get Ready to Learn


Ann said...

"eye contact" yan din turo skin nung titser ng mga kids ko sa pre-school. And I think it's really effective.

Leah said...

I've used some of these tips and I know they work.
It is a a good reminder.
Sometimes as parents, we tend to forget...

mama jenn said...

mukhang magkaka-problema kami sa no tv nights --- hindi papayag... ang asawa ko :D hay....

Raquel said...

I don't have the list of this "How to make more time for you and your child", palaging nasa computer si Mama eh.

Thanks for the reminders Jo.

JO said...

Hi Ann, Leah, Jenn and Raquel,

I guess we all know these rules, but we just need to be reminded of it from time to time...