Canada's Wonderland (continuation)

When it comes to water rides, I am not as daring as the roller coaster rides, simply because I don't like water! I don't know how to swim or even float. And I don't think I will have the courage to learn how to swim. I had a very bad experience when I was a kid.

I couldn't take my kids on any of the water ride that day since I had my period. I don't have problem with my son going alone because I know he can take care of himself and that he wouldn't do something that he doesn't like. I am not comfortable leaving my daughter in the hands of his brother though. It's a good thing that my friend K was there to accompany my kids line up while I wait for them. K is not keen on heights, but she did agree to accompany my kids for this one but backed out at the last minute.

On Riptide Racer, rival sliders compete for first place as they take the liquid fast track down an enormous eight-lane splashway.

Do you need a little washing?


Tani said...

and off they went! what a thrill! :)

Anonymous said...

hi justice here.

i know what you mean with being afraid--- am also like that kasi hehe but that slide (riptide racer) i once did that in the US and it was ok's one of the few i'll dare ride :)

mama jenn said...

wow! sarap! gusto ko yan!

Raquel said...

Thank you for sharing, cool.

JO said...

Hi Tani, Justice, Jenn and Raquel!