Conversation #17: "I don't do dare"

Here's a proof of Patricia riding the Silver Streak (again)... a friend of mine took this picture. We're in the very front row! And she loved it!

My friend E, her son Jericho and my son waited for about 30 minutes while I line up on this ride with Patricia and E's 2 daughters.

While waiting for us, my friend E challenge Patrick:

E: "Patrick, why don't you try that ride and then I will ride it after you."
PATRICK: "No. You go ahead first."
E: "I dare you to do it."
PATRICK, firmly said: "NO. I don't do dare."

I wanted to applaud my son for saying this. I hope he will grow up with this in mind all the time. I wouldn't want him to do things that he doesn't want to do. Nor be pressured by his peers to do "unthinkable" things.


tani said...

ang galing naman ng photo! yup, your son will remember that incident because you blogged about it, and he'll know how proud you were of him for standing up for himself.

cruise said...

owwww. looks very exciting, wala nyan sa pinas. kung meron lang si ako magdadalawang isip. i can relate to patrick.

bugsybee said...

For somebody as young as Patrick to be able to say that, I take my hat off to him. Shows us he'll be able to stand up to peer pressure. ... And whew, I don't think I'll ever have the guts to take that ride, Jo.

Girlie (hipncoolmomma) said...

i can never and will never ride on those kinds...i'm gonna die, i tell you =(

smart Patrick...nakakatuwa

JO said...

Hi Tani,

Hi Cruise,
Remember that if and when you come to US/Canada, make sure you travel during the summer if you want to go to theme parks.

Hi Bugsy,
Yes, I do hope he can carry this till his teens where peer pressure will be everywhere.

Hi Girlie,
Hahaha... kanya kanyang interest lang talaga.

MariKay said...

Wow, very good that your son knows how to say "NO". Good quality especially with the things our kids today have to face. Thats a great picture by the way of the roller coaster ride front row!

Linnor said...

Patrick is such a wise boy!

JO said...

Thanks Marikay and Linnor!

toni said...

Ang galing naman ni Patricia. At ang galing din ni Patrick. You must be so proud of them both! :)

JO said...

Hi Toni,
Yes, I'm very proud of them... they are growing up so fast right before my eyes.

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Wow, that's a great photo. Priceless! Patricia is a brave, young girl. 1,000x braver than I am for sure. :) Well, perhaps, next time I can try the first row. Thanks for sharing.