Hubby is on a trip

Calgary, Alberta


Ann said...

Hello Jo! Sorry can't view your post. Movie ba yan?

JO said...

Hi Ann,

It's a slide show, just like this, which you were able to see before.

Raquel said...

Have a safe trip to hubby

Nice photos, I like the city.

atoy said...

may balak ba kayong lumipat sa alberta. i heard alberta is doing good. ang economy niya ay booming fueled by its rich oil sand.

MommyBa said...

Very pretty photos!!! I'm sure hubby will enjoy it tremendously.

Happy weekend!

analyse said...

happy travel to hubby. nice to see the pix, my cousin lives there.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Thanks. It is a small but growing city in Canada.

Hi Atoy,
Hubby is just looking for opportunities out of curiosity.

Hi Liz and Analyse,

evi said...

jo, i don't know why i have the feeling that you'll be moving there soon. hehe...

there's so much to see in the province of alberta. we plan to take another trip there. maybe summer next year.

mama jenn said...

tsk, cant view your slide show.

anyway, i have relatives in calgary, sobrang ganda nga dyan - based on the pics they send :)

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Not really, hubby is just looking for opportunities. ",)

Hi Jenn,
I hope I'd get to see the city in the near future... great scenery daw talaga doon, according to hubby.

thess said...

Hi JO, nice set of photos!

'returning the visit and to wish you a fine week!


Junnie said...

2nd time around? hope he enjoys more than the views this time :P

ethel said...

Hi Jo, ang gaganda ng mga photos!
im sure enjoy si hubby mo dun hehe..

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Happy MOnday jan.
God BLess...

fennymun said...

Hi Jo, what a nice set of photos!

Duke said...

hello, jo!

nice set of photos :)

did you go with hubby?

JO said...

Thanks Thess. Welcome to my blog.

Hi Junnie,
Yup, 2nd time around, and I am left here all alone.

hi Ethel and Fenny

Hi Duke,
No. Hubby went alone. :-( Hopefully I will be able to visit this city too. Are you back from your vacation?