Tag #9: 7 Songs

I've been tagged by Liz to list down my top 7 songs... [Liz, sorry for the delay]

One of my earliest post was about the songs of my life... and they are still at the top of my list.

  1. My theme song -- I will survive by Gloria Taylor
  2. Dedicated to hubby -- Because you loved me by Celine Dion
  3. Our song -- Have I told you lately (that I love you) by Rod Stewart
  4. For our kids -- The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston
  5. Do I make you proud by Taylor Hicks
  6. How did you know by Gary V
  7. You are my song by Martin Nievera
What are your top 7 songs?


evi said...

More Than You'll Ever Know is our song.

bulitas said...

thanks for the visit.
mind xchanging linkjs?
my top song as of the moment is upside down by two minds crack. =)

Mmy-Lei said...

Di ko pa naririnig yung kanta ni Taylor Hicks or yan yung winning song nya? hmmm ma-download nga.

tani said...

ang sweet naman ng "Because you love me" dedicated to your hubby. :)

MommyBa said...

Because You Loved Me is one of my favorites, pero I don't think MH deserves that song coming from me. LOL!

'Di ko pa rin narinig yung ke Taylor Hicks. Kasing ganda ba sya ng Inside Your Heaven ni Carrie Underwood? Sobrang favorite ko yun eh :)

Cool songs!!! Thanks for gamely participating!

JO said...

Hi Evi and Tani!

Hi Bulitas,
Sure. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi mmy-Lei,
Yup, that's his first single... you can download it at youtube.

Hi Liz,
Thanks for the tag. Taylor Hick's fan ako eh, of course its a great song.

ethel said...

You are my song peborit ko rin yang kanta ni M.N :) ganda talaga nyan.

MrsPartyGirl said...

Hi Jo, I've been tagged with this as well pero I have yet to get around to doing it. Coming soon na lang, hehehe.

My song for my Ninay from Rod Stewart is 'That's All' naman. When Ninna was a baby, I would play the song for her, tapos nasoo-soothe siya. I think it's Stewart's voice, no?

kai said...

"Wind Beneath My Wings", my national anthem.

Wala kaming theme song ni hubby, pero favorite din nya ang "The Greatest Love of All".

tutubing_karayom said...

Na tag narin sakin ito ng 2 beses. at dalwang beses ko narin sinagot pero iba na ung mga list of songs ko! andun sa kanta kanta blog ko! di ako mahilig mag blog kaya 4 lang ang blog ko!.

Ann said...

"Wind Beneath My Wings" yan ang madalas kantahin sa akin ni faffi noon, kahit hirap abutin..hehehe.

JO said...

Hi Ethel and Meeya.

Hi Tikey,
Ang dami mo palang blog. ",)

Hi Kai and Ann,
Favorite ko din ang Winds Beneath my Wings.

atoy said...

musikatoy, 10 song na pinakikinggan ko ngayon sa blog ko courtesy of cyberpinoy.

Raquel said...

I like Martin N. too. But I am not tired listening the songs of Christopher Cross.

JO said...

Hi Atoy,
Buti naman at napasyal ka ulit...

Hi Raquel,
I like Christopher Cross too.