Kids and TV: new house rules

Thank you all for your comments and inputs in my dilemna about my kids and TV. I hate it that they have to sit right in front of the TV all the time, and no matter how many times I told them to move back, they will find their way in front of the TV again and again.

One of my son's teacher told me that her 2 children doesn't watch TV on weekdays and can only watch 2 hours on the weekends. When I first heard this I thought that is impossible to do. I myself is a TV addict. Even though I may not really be watching, I leave the TV on.

And I don't think my kids can stay away from the TV when they are home. That's the first thing they do when they woke up and when they get home from school. Banning the TV is impossible. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try... Here's my new house rules:

  • No TV from Monday to Thursday.
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday - they are allowed to watch 2 hours of TV each day... if they don't agree on the show they want to watch, each of them will get an hour of TV time per day.
  • Saturday (max of 6 hours) is computer/nintendo/gameboy day. BUT only if they don't have homework and they clean up their room.
  • their TV time on weekends can get shorter or longer depending on where they are seated.
Taking Tani's advice, I rearrange my living room. I move my center table to block the TV, its now on a slanting position. It doesn't look nice, but it will do for now. I told them that they have to sit behind the table or on the couch and that they will only get 1 warning to move back or no more TV for the rest of the day.

So far so good. It works for the past 2 weeks already! You might wonder what my kids are doing monday to thursday after school. Well, they do their homework and they play with their toys/boardgames,they read books and play outdoor. And I am happy to say that they don't fight as much too [they fight a lot over the TV shows they want to watch and now that is out] and they are playing "together"!

I've met a family here with 2 teenage kids. These kids are not used to watching TV eversince they were young. They've never subscribe to cable TV, even back in the Philippines. And in Canada, you only get 5 local channels (I think) without cable TV. So I think this will really work!

Now, I just have to make sure hubby implement these rules especially when I'm not home.


girlie(hipncoolmomma) said...

i used to do that, no games, no tv, no internet Mondays thru Thursdays, but now i allow them to watch tv but only after they finish their homework. My problem now is how to limit all those "bawal" on weekends, they make me feel like i'm robbing them of their fun time...arrrrggghhh

Ann said...

We did the same rules in the house since June. But totally no gameboys and PS2. They can watch cartoons only during weekends. And I think it's working.

JO said...

Hi Girlie and Ann,
Talaga? I should have implemented this rule last year when it was first suggested to me.

My kids doesn't play with their nintendo/internet too -- only when we have other kids around the house and on weekends during summer time. Ngayon pasukan na, naka pack up na yan.

As for the gameboy naman, they only get to play this when we are outdoors, rarely inside the house.

TV lang talaga ang problema ko.

analyse said...

ow, that's a good tip. i'll have to implement that when louna's older, tho ill have to add sunday for no TV so she could sleep earlier and be ready for monday.

analyse said...

wow, that worked! thanks!

Raquel said...

Go, go, go. Just keep on going. Good luck! I will follow this rules too, I like it.

JO said...

Hi Analyse,
When my kids are younger, their bedtime is strictly at 8pm... now its at 9pm.

Hi Raquel,
I used the TV as my babysitter kasi, kaya TV addict ang mga anak ko... a big big mistake!

ethel said...

Hi JO, good luck sa new rules na yan, sana umepek! :)

tani said...

now all you have to do is wait and see and keep your fingers crossed. good luck! :)

MommyBa said...

This is a good program for school-aged children. I think I would be implementing this kind of schedule as well when my son's already in school. I never liked the telly that much in the first place whereas, my little man's so addicted to it at his age. I think I'd have to limit his TV time when I go back home.

Thanks for this wonderful sharing.

JO said...

Hi Ethel,
So far so good!

Hi Tani,
I just have to make sure hubby implement these rules too. BTW, your advice about rearranging the center table works! My kids are no longer sitting in front of the TV. THANKS!

Hi Liz,
Thanks! I tend to use the TV as our babysitter which I shouldn't. Will do your tag soon.

francesca said...

I dont watch tv, its french language, cannot keep up, huhuhu!
unless its CNN, BBC.
But good tips to have when my kids are here, they are soooo addcited in tv when in Phils.
Hope they gave up tv watching,too, due to the language, hehe!

justice said...

my kids watch TV, too. the only thing is that i've already managed to make them understand and accept that it isn't a MUST to watch everyday, or if they do, not to watch more than an hour.

i told them that they should also learn to do something without being dependent on the entertainment given by the TV. so far, so good naman :)

iskoo said...

yung pamangkin ko ganyan din manood ng tv masyadong malapit, ginawa ko sabi ko sige lapit pa, ayun lumalayo, kasi kung ano sinasabi mo sa bata kalaligtaran ang gagawin, hehehe

JO said...

Hi Francesca,
Wala kang pilipino channel diyan?

Hi Justice,
I think my kids are starting to realize that too.

Hi Iskoo,
I've tried that, it doesn't work on them.

Linnor said...

That sure looks like a good plan!

Ka Uro said...

interesting post. i believe if you keep kids preoccupied doing other interesting more educational activities, they lessen their time in front of the TV.

pero huwag ka, jo, yung utol ko na may anak na 7 years old. hindi nila binabawalan manood ng TV at okay lang kahit parating nanood ng TV. kasi ang peborit channel nung bata yung Discovery Channel. kaya ayun mala-henyo na ang bata.

JO said...

Hi Linnor!

Hi Ka Uro,
Kung Discovery Channel din ang pinapanood ng mga anak ko, di ko na sila pagbabawalan. ",)

evi said...

i am like you, jo. i leave the telly on even when i am not watching because it makes me feel like i have company.

not only will it be hard for my son, it will be hard for me to break my habit as well.

i'm glad the TV sched is working for you and your kids. that's a difficult thing to do that's why i applaud you.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
It's not that hard to implement especially since both kids are in full day school already. You should try it on Axel when he is in grade 1.

Anonymous said...

yikes, that's tough. you need nerves of steel :) cheers to you! - mamajenn

Tani said...

you're welcome. i'm glad to have helped. :)

JO said...

Hi Jenn,
It's not hard actually, they are getting used to no TV.

Hi Tani,
It was really a big help! My living room doesn't look welcoming for now, but it will do to train the kids. I'll just put them back to its proper place when we're expecting visitors. ",)

Tisha said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Is that still working out okay for you?

JO said...

hi Tisha,
Yes, it is still working for me... here's another update...