Thursday Thirteen #3: Places we love in Ontario

If you haven't figured it out by now, our family loves out of town trips... we love to explore nearby cities... we love the see different places during winter, spring, summer and fall... we love long driving (though my kids are not too keen about that)... we love to take the kids to different playgrounds and beaches... and we love just driving up north or going south or east and west... where ever our car takes us, we make sure we had a fun-filled day!

This is another part of Thursday Thirteen.

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Thirteen Places We Love in Ontario

  1. Niagara Falls
    [we take all of our visitors here. My kids love seeing the rainbow over the falls. And we've been there during winter, spring, summer and fall.]
  2. Blue Mountain, Collingwood
    [Our first skiing trip. I had a blast eventhough my body ache the next few days.]
  3. Canada’s Wonderland, Vaughan
    [Need I say more?]
  4. Flower Pot Island, Tobermory and Lion’s head, Isthmus Bay
    [Another weekend getaway for paddling and canoeing.]
  5. Sauble Falls and Beach, Wiarton
    [The best sunset view along Lake Huron...]
  6. Lions Lookout, Huntsville
    [The best Fall view, my favorite season...]
  7. Inverhuron Provincial Park
    [The sandy beach along Lake Huron... this is a 3-hours drive, one way.]
  8. Science North, Sudbury
    [This is where we celebrated our 10th Anniversary with the kids... our farthest day trip so far, it took us 4 hours to drive one way.]
  9. African Lion Safari, Cambridge
    [We experience something different from the other zoos that we've visited before... this time, we are the one "cage" inside the car/bus while the animals roam around the reserves.]
  10. Forks of the Credit, Caledon
    [Welcoming spring time with some BBQ picnic.]
  11. Badlands, Caledon
    [We got here by accident, we were actually lost... and we just pulled over when we saw this place from the highway. Kids had so much fun jumping up and down the badlands.]
  12. Cobourg, Northumberland County
    [Our family loves the beach. We watched our first Canada Day's fireworks display here... this is along Lake Ontario.]
  13. Dunes beach, Sandbanks Provincial Park, Burgeo
    [Ending the summer with yet another BBQ picnic with friends along Lake Ontario.]
To those who live in Ontario, can you suggest more places for us to visit?


Momish said...

Oh, how they all sound so wondeful! I would love to see Canada! Hopefully, one day...

Karen said...

they all sound wonderful to me- I like a little beach time too!

ali said...

i love love love africa lion safari...blows the zoo completely out of the water.

also? we are big wonderland fans. we get passes and go EVERY sunday in the summer. i think we are going this sunday, actually, it's the last week!

Crazy Fat Chick said...

I have great memories of Niagara Falls. I went to college in Buffalo and we headed up there every chance we got (mainly because the drinking age was lower).

Addie said...

Thanks for popping in - I like the similarities you pointed out :-)

It all sound wonderful. Couldn't open the links though - will try again later. How about making your next destination South Africa????

JB said...

I need to make it up there ... Canada is within 5 hours of my house. We need to make a road trip one of these days! Well, after we get our passports, I don't feel like traveling with my BC and marriage license!

Carmen said...

i'd like to see Niagra Falls!

JO said...

Hi Momish and Carmen,
Make it your next vacation destination!

Hi Ali,
Wonderland operates till next weekend... we are also on season pass this year and hope to make one more trip before the season ends.

JO said...

Hi Karen and CrazyFatChick.

Hi Addie,
Would sure love to travel outside of Ontario too... budget permitting... ",)

Hi JB,
Yes, better get your passports for less hassle at the border.

Junnie said...

Most of those areas are really great ones...and we all saw it the same time too - galing!

Visit too:

1. Niagara-on-the-Lake - for those wine tasting and oh so Europe feeling

2. Stratford - for the artist in you, this is the best place for that

3. St Jacobs Market - for those fresh goodies and Steak for Hubby

Patrice said...

Niagara place I hope my husband and I could visit someday. My husband and I (with mother-in-law in tow) also love ging places. Good thing gas is going down a bit here in Florida.

Tess said...

I visited NF in high school, loved it.

audrey said...

I have officially added Ontario to the list of places I want to visit as soon as I have vacation time.

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
Yes, these are already on our list... as soon as we got our wheels. ",)

Hi Patrice,
That will be about 24 hours drive from florida to niagara falls... but i'm sure there's lots of places to see along the way. Or just fly over.

Hi Tess.
I'm sure there are lots of changes since then...

Hi Audrey,
You won't regret it...

Candy Minx said...

Wow, your blog is so pretty! And yopu're a felow Canadian!!! Love the list and I think I've been everywhere on it. I am in chicago with my boyfriend but am a Torontonian.

Love Niagara Falls, been there so many times an dI never get tired of it.

Did you know there is a canadian blogroll check out Tricia at Thursday Thirteen for details..

I am having an art opening all day. Hope you can stop by for a glass of wine and a visit. I have 13 paintings on display.

Here is the address:

MommyBa said...

If there's one place that I can go to for any season and over and over and over and over again, it's Niagara Falls! I JUST LOVE IT!

I haven't been to the other 12 places you've mentioned but I'll definitely keep them in mind when I plan my next trip to Canada. It would be nice to meet you then :)

With your post, I suddenly missed my best friend and my adoptive families over there.

Happy Thursday, darling!

Christine said...

I would love to visit Canada one day! It has absoultely gorgeous scenery!
Happy Thursday!

JO said...

Hi Candy Minx,
I love your gallery. I wish I have half of your talent.

Hi Liz,
I would love to meet you... hope you can come for another visit and I'll tour you around.

Hi Christine.

Crayonsetc said...

Oh, I love to visit Ontario... I use to go there all the time when I lived in Michigan... but that was a REALLY long time ago!! I want to take dh and dd to #1 :)

Happy TT!!

tiggerprr said...

Very nice site!! I'd love to go see the sites in Canada one day, it looks so pretty up there! Thanks for stopping by my TT! :)

Barbara said...

Oh, I want to go to Niagara Falls!

Thanks for coming by.

Cheryl said...

I've only been to Sask. I'd love to see those other places.

Raquel said...

Yun nga ang napansin ko, your family loves to go out. Grabe ang dami nyo ng papuntahan na lugar.

Hmmm, maiba tayo, I will this Thursday Thirteen, mukhang interesting ah.

Chelle Y. said...

I love Niagra Falls. I would love to go there again!

JO said...

Hi Crayonsetc, Barbara, Chell,
Niagara is a tourist destination alright.

Hi Raquel,
Sali na! ",)

Hi Tigger and Cheryl,
Thanks for stopping by.

angela said...

How fun...I have NEVER been to Canada, but I hope to visit someday...

In Oklahoma City, I guess the place to visit would be the Omniplex Children's Museum and the Cowboy Hall of Fame...

Dane Bramage said...

Sounds like Ontario is a place worthy of a trip. Thanks for visiting my T13 Things to Be Thankful For Today Edition

Is Blogger accounts not working?

julia said...

*bliss* My relatives are all in Ontario and now I have more reasons to go up and visit with them! Maybe we'll make excursions to some of these that I haven't been to.

Brony said...

Those are some great places. You did a good job descibing them.
Happy TT!

JO said...

Hi Angela, Dane, Julia and Brony.

Welcome to my blog. I am really enjoying TT...

fennymun said...

Wow, Jo, it's really good that your family could visit so many lovely places around. One day, I'll visit Canada to appreciate the nature.

Renee said...

right now blogger doesn't wanna let me read my comments...

But despite all my griping I had a great trip. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Wow what a list of great places to visit. I'm gonna have to try a trip to Canada one day.

agring said...

Have you tried going out outside Ontario? I would suggest Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

Linnor said...

Hey I could use your list when I get to visit Canada again. ;)

Maribeth said...

I love those places too, plus we have relatives there so that's always fun too!!!

JO said...

Hi Renee and Maribeth,
Welcome to my blog!

Hi Agring,
We've been to Montreal, Quebec.

Hi Linnor,
Next time you visit, you should spend more time here, I'm sure Junnie will make you another itinerary you will never forget.

Nikki said...

Oh i am so jealous...i've just been to niagara falls...i haven't been to canada's wonderland...grrr...hey thanks 4 droppin by =)

LuluBunny said...

great list - it makes me want to visit Canada :)

Thanks for stopping by my T13 :)

JO said...

Hi Nikki and Lulubunny,

Thanks for stopping by...

Tinker said...

love that list.. have been to some of those places!

Domestic Geek said...

That Lion Safari place sounds cool. If I ever make it up to Canada, I'll check that out.

JO said...

Hi Tinker and Domestic Geek,

Welcome to my blog!