Busybee #4

Today I had quite a busy day...

I had some errands to do in downtown. I met my friend Liway at her office to ask her to bring home some stuff for my family. She's leaving on the 5th for a much awaited vacation... Her first trip home after more than 5 years in Canada!

Later, I met K who is a new immigrant and has not established any credit history yet. So I took her to Leon's and applied for their store credit card in my name. I let her use my card to purchase her leather sofa in installment at 0% interest for 12 months, free delivery. A very good deal indeed! Now, K is happy! She has been bugging me to help her buy her sofa for weeks now. I just couldn't find the time to go see her because its (approx) 1.5 hours commute!

We had our lunch at 2:30pm and then I have to hurry home for my kids. I was in the subway by 3pm. I should be home by 4:20pm just in time for the kid's arrival at 4:30pm. But everytime I am in a rush, something would happen. The subway experienced some techinical problems and I missed my bus connection by 5 minutes. So I have to wait for the next one and I got home at 4:45pm.

Luckily my kid's bus stop is right in front of our apartment building... and I told them that if and when they got home and I am not at home, the should just wait for me by our apartment door. They are NOT allowed to go to any neighbor's house. They are NOT allowed to go elsewhere or hang around in the lobby. They are NOT allowed to talk to anybody. And they should always stay together!

I was 15 minutes late for the very first time! I found them waiting for me outside our apartment door. And their face were glowing as soon as they saw me.

My son ask, "mommy, where did you go? I thought you left us already!"


Bugsy said...

Hi JO! I noticed you've given your children very specific instructions. That's good. It's just no longer safe these days. Do you children have cellphones? My siblings found it necessary to "arm" her kids with cellphones for all sorts of emergencies (and so she could have peace of mind).

Raquel said...

What a busy day! Iba dito Jo noh, mahirap pag walang credit line/card.

Glad your children followed your instructions at hinihintay ka.

JO said...

Hi Bugsy,
It's a good thing our side of the apartment is quite safe and quiet. I had a stomach ache too while in the bus, probably due to worrying about not making it on time. :-(

I don't think I can trust my son with a cellphone yet, he loses a lot of stuff at school.

Hi Raquel,
Yup, its quite hard. That is why I am willing to help my friend.

Ann said...

I find celpone helpful too for my kids. I'm not that worried when they are late, I can call them anytime.

fennymun said...

Hi Jo, what a busy day! I could imagine how you felt on the way home. By the way, I really appreciate your way of mothering and giving your children specific instructions and that they actually follow them through (which is the most difficult part, I think).

MommyBa said...

Your children are very obedient and they are good listeners!

I hope you'll have less busier days this week. :)


Joy said...

ha ha ha what a question!

It happens to me also, everytime I'm in a hurry, something unexpected happens which causes a delay.

Good to know your kids follow your instructions. Ang babait!

JO said...

Hi Ann,
I know. My niece/nephews in manila all have cellphones too, and they started at age 9 and up... but I just don't feel that my son is responsible to have a cellphone, yet.

Hi Fenny,
I was lucky that while they were waiting for me outside the apartment door, nobody pass by the corridor. Otherwise, I could be in real trouble with the law.

JO said...

Hi Liz,
I do hope that day will never happen again. Coz you never what might just happen during that 15 mins that I was late. Thank GOD nothing bad happened to my kids.

Hi Joy,
Yes, I think both my kids are starting to show their "maturity".

Junnie said...

not just a busy day but a thoughtful day to remember family back home and be a real friend to a friend in need. keep it up!

ghee said...

uh oh,..eevryones busy huh?

hey,thats great,installment with 0% interest.and thats nice of you to let your friend use your credit card :)

Girlie said...

since your children are very disciplined and they seem to obey you everytime, maybe they are responsible enough to own a cellphone already? just a thought =)

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
Thanks! I had the same problem getting our first car and a willing friend sign as our guarantor. So am just paying it forward.

Hi Ghee,
It's not actually a credit card, it is just a store card.

Hi Girlie,
If I know that my son will never leave his umbrella, scarf, gloves, hats and even boooks in school, then that's the time I can trust him with a cellphone.

This is the first time I am late at picking them up, hopefully it won't happen again. So I don't really see the need for him to have his own cellphone, yet.

Anonymous said...

so nice of you to do such favor to a friend.

very good kids! pero nakakatawa ang reaction nila.

- mamajenn

Linnor said...

you have very responsible kids because you taught them well ;)

JO said...

Thanks Jenn and Linnor! :-)

mommycess said...

well-trained ang mga anak mo :) you must be very proud.

Anonymous said...

wow! good job mom! ang galing naman ng mga bebe mo sinunod mga bilin mo. hmmm... pag ako nagka-baby ganyan nga din gagawin ko.


atoy said...

at what age are they allowed to fend for themselves diyan sa canada? dito kasi nz pwede na silang iwanang mag-isa sa bahay at the age of 14. a 14 yrs old din can supervise his younger siblings kahit wala ang magulang.

JO said...

Hi Cess,
I am just glad nothing bad happen to them. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Faye,
Kung sa lahat ng bagay ay nakikinig lang panganay ko, mas maginhawa pa siguro ang buhay ko. ",)

JO said...

Hi Atoy,
There is really no clear cut guidelines, some say ok na ang 10, some say at least 12... Anyway, at age 10 and up, may class na tinawag na "home alone" na papasukan ng bata for 1 day, tapos at the end of that day, may exam, pag napasa nila, they will get a certificate. Puwede na silang iwan magisa sa bahay by then.

Kung may kapatid naman na mas bata, other than the "home alone" class meron pang "babysitting" class, again, may exam at certificate.

In 3 months time, puwede kong tignan kung puwed ng iwan ang panganay ko...

JO said...

Hi Atoy,

Here's a link to your question.