Pay it forward

Did you see the movie of Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment's "Pay it Forward"? It was a really good movie... a simple gesture of when somebody help you, don't pay it back, but pay it forward by helping other people in need.

When we first migrated, one of our problem is how to establish a credit history. How could one established credit history in a new country when no one is willing to get you started? Our application for credit cards and credit lines where constantly denied due to lack of credit history! This includes car financing.

When we decided its time to get a car, our first intention was to buy a brand new one instead of leasing [which is quite common here]. But no financing company is willing to give us a loan, the fact that I am not working made it worst.

The only option we have then was to lease the car. We submitted our application with our fingers crossed.

A friend of ours, P, whom we used as a referece in our application, was contacted by the car dealer and they ask her if she will act as our guarantor! It's a good thing she said "yes" because if she didn't our application would have been denied. We didn't even know about it until P called me and ask me about our application and that she needs to go to the car dealer with us to sign papers too.

We all know that if and when we missed one payment [which never happened], the financing company is going after her. She will be required to pay or her credit rating will be affected as well. Yet, she took this risk for us. Us, meaning the friends whom she never saw after college.

I really owe a lot to P, not only did she act as our guarantor, but she was the one who picked up hubby at the airport when he first landed. [Me and the kids followed after 6 weeks]. And she offered him to stay with her in her condo while he look for an apartment.

I really don't know how to repay P's kindness... she has everything she could ever wanted. So I just decided to pay it forward.

When my friend K [from my previous post] needed a place to stay, I opened our home to her... when she needed to buy her leather sofa, I let her use my store card so she can pay it by installment. And there's no doubt in my mind that once she has settled down, she will have her chance to help someone in the future.


It's another long weekend for us Canucks... it's our thanksgiving weekend. So Happy Thanksgiving to all!

If you live in the 80's you're going to like this.


MommyBa said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

atoy said...

happy thanksgiving! one good deed deserve another.P gave it to you and you return it to K expecting nothing in return. ang kabutihang ginawa mo kay K kundi man niya isukli sa yo, ibibigay niya sa iba.

ghee said...

Happy thanksgiving,Jo!!

ngayon naintindihan ko na kung bakit mo pinahiram ng credit card yung friend re paying it forward.

nice Jo...iba pa ring magtulungan ang mga Pinoy! keep it up!

Sarap ng weekend nyo!enjoy na lang :)

JO said...

Thanks Liz, Atoy and Ghee!

Enjoy your weekend!

It's long weekend for us, and we don't have anything plan. :-(

Tani said...

don't worry. P has already been paid in heaven. you as well. :)

Raquel said...

I've watched the movie, it was nice but complicated though.

Kahit saan ganyan cguro Jo, kilangan may credit history duon kase makikita kung good crediotr ka. Mas lalong mahirap sa pinas kase kilangan may band talaga.

O, thanks giving day pala sa inyo. Happy Thanks Giving to all of you there.

Enjoy the weekend.

evi said...

i agree with helping new immigrant-friend without expecting anything in return. but it can also be frustrating when they abuse the help that you could give. let's just say, i had a bad experience.

JO said...

Hi Tani,
P helped a lot of people, not just us. It would really be hard to find a friend like her.

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! I guess you didn't have a hard time establishing credit since your husband have already established that a long time ago.

Hi Evi,
I hope your bad experience doesn't stop you from helping the next friend who comes into town.

Ann said...

Nakakatuwa na marami pa ring ganyang samahan, kahit dito normal din yung pagtulong sa mga bagong dating. Sana lang ibalik nila yung tulong sa ibang nangangailangan. May mga iba kasi na may sariling mundo.

happy thanksgiving!

Mmy-Lei said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I saw that movie and i like it too! It serves as guiding principle.

Junnie said...

we've been blessed too to have been part of those you've helped when we started...paying it forward and paying it back will now be part of all our lives - doing that will surely make this life liveable.

we need more people like you and mike on earth.

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Of course, di yan mawawala. Kung alam mo lang ang buhay namin nung first year namin dito... you will know why I am all out to help people without expecting anything in return.

Hi Mmy-Lei.
Ganda ng movie no?

Hi Junnie,
Thanks! we love having you and Mitzi around... happy thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

i watched the film. It s a good film.To pass it over, I am 100% on that. But...
To the deserving one. Ive been done up because of my good heart, now I am careful. I nearly out of the street because of giving guarrantee to a loan. The bank almost took out house in Phils.

Even I find worth giving GUARRANTEE to the person, I cannot anymore.
Got a bad experience, shame and debts lots of it in the bank! Whew!
We dd survived but pagapang, while ung nangutang, tangay limpak limpak na loan...

francesca said...

Ako pala ung anonymous, hehe, francesca in France, kalimots ko ilagay, soweee!

JO said...

Hi Francesca,
That is why I am forever thankful for P. She took a big gamble on us.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience... to act as guarantor is not a simple matter. Just be careful next time.

MrsPartyGirl said...

i say it's good karma :) what goes around, comes around.

happy thanksgiving!

JO said...

Hi Meeya,
Thanks! I just hope what happen to Francesca will not happen to me. ",)