My kid's shampoo says its "tear-free" and "tangle-fighting". It is also a 2-in-1 shampoo and condition. Yet, my daughter's hair is always tangled up when she step out of the bath. Twice I used my conditioner on her hair, and it was tangle-free! Should I start using my shampoo and conditioner to my 6-year old?

My son on the other hand, started using the regular shampoo about 6 months ago. I notice that the smell on his scalp (from playing too much in the sun) is still there even after a bath. At first I thought he didn't know how to shampoo, but I guess he just needs a stronger shampoo.

My questions are:

  1. When do kids start using the regular shampoo?
  2. When do kids start using conditioner?


duke said...

hello jo!

I'm no expert at this but I guess you have to check the Ph level of teh shampoo and make sure they are not too strong for your kids' scalp.

have a good weekend

Diana Joy said...

I started my kids on regular shampoo at 5. I have a daughter with long hair and she needed the better conditioner. I found that Baby shampoo dries hair out and some adult shampoo actually conditions it. It is time...those precious children are now growing up....
Take care!
Diana Joy

Mmy-Lei said...

my nieces are using what we adults are using (shampoo and conditioner) and you know what, their hairs are more shiny and tangle-free than ours.

cruise said...

meron ata talagang shampoo at conditioner for kids, kami kasi nung bata pa walang pambili ng shampoo kaya ngayon ang buhok ko sobrang tigas. sana may pambili kaming tamang shampoo at conditioner noon.

alynn said...

jo, i-reklamo mo yan...diba may 1800 sa back ng shampoo?hehe..

JO said...

Hi Duke,
So at waht PH level is ok for kids?

Hi Diana,
Yes, I noticed that too when my daughter used my conditioner.

Hi Mmy-Lei,
My daughter's hair is really pretty and thick... except for the tangles after bath.

Hi Cruise,
Hehehe... nun bata tayo di naman uso ang mga conditioner eh.

Hi Alynn,

pao said...

eek! i'm no expert on that... yet. :)

anyway, dropped by here to see how things are with you.

tc! :)

Linnor said...

My 2.5 year old Jake already uses my (extra-moisturizing) Pantene. I think ok lang naman, so far. Fine pa din ang hair and mabilis humaba. Hehehe...

Raquel said...

I think it;s to young for you to use them an adult shampoo. Meron naman cgurong pambata jan.

Pinsan kung 7 year old gumamit ng adult shampoo, ayun na kalbo parang may sakit na tipos.

mama jenn said...

my mom used adult shampoo on my son when he was past 2 years old. i think i stopped buying baby shampoo for him when he was 3. mukhang ok naman, walang problema - but then, he's blessed with a nice hair which he got from me (hehehe!) kahit soap lang ang gamitin for his hair minsan, ok pa rin :)

JO said...

Hi Pao!

Hi Linnor/Jenn,
Talaga? I think I will start Trish on my conditioner too, every other day siguro.

Hi Raquel,
Wala yatang pambata na pure conditioner lang. At least I don't remember seeing one yet. Mga 2-in-1 madami, but it doesn't help naman.

Ann said...

Hello Jo! Same here, problema ko rin yan sa mga kids ko. Mahaba kasi dati ang hair ni tin2, she uses conditioner now pero sa baba lang ng hair at very minimal.

Doon naman sa "smell" I recommend Vaseline shampoo. Even after they played under the sun, mabango pa rin. Kaya lang sa pinas pa ako nagpapabili, baka lang meron dyan sa inyo.

Diana Joy said...

What?? No new posts? Get to work writing!!!
Just thought I would drop in and say hi again!

JO said...

Hi Ann,
I think I've seen a Vaseline shampoo here, will try it out. Thanks!

Hi Diana!

MrsPartyGirl said...

i think a good test to see kung kaya na ng kids ang adult shampoo ay pag kaya na nilang mag-wash ng eyes by themselves pag nahilam sila hehe. kasi i once used normal shampoo on ninna (kasi naubusan kami ng baby shampoo), nagwala siya kasi nalagyan ng shampoo yung eyes niya (bad mommy!). anyway, if you do want to start using regular shampoo on trish, start by diluting it in water muna para hindi mabigla yung scalp nila. mas matapang kasi talaga ang regular shampoo di ba? :)

JO said...

Hi Meeya,

Oo nga no, I haven't thought about it hurting their eyes. Thanks for the advice.