Relocation Update #1

I'm having a busy week. I have to dispose all of our stuff!!!

The movers are charging $0.75 to $1 per pound! I didn't realize that movers can be very expensive. At first I thought I'd just rent a truck and a driver, pay for the gas and that's it. Maybe $2500? But no, other than that, I still have to pay for the weight of my stuff. My friend's family is also relocating to Calgary by November. And the estimate of their move is around $5,000 to as much as $10,000!!! I might just as well buy new stuff with that much money. Not that I have that much, but if I do have that much money, I'd buy new stuff. Lucky for them, relocation expenses is part of the husband's package. My husband wasn't entitled to any relocation expenses!

The best thing is to SELL everything! And it ain't easy!

For those who live in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton area, if you are interested to look at my stuff, please let me know. Thanks!


evi said...

oh! i thought so, too. you are already paying for using the truck. and of course, insurance. why do you have to pay for the weight? it doesn't make sense. to sell your stuff is the best way to go. and besides, the thought of new furnitures is exciting. hehe... good luck to your moving out sale.

fennymun said...

wow! In here, maybe because HK is such a small place, we charge the rental of van and estimation of how much belongings one has and whether there is lift in the buildings. But in terms of weight! That could be much. Good luck! How about schools for kids?

fayenget said...

aba! kung nandyan ako dumalaw na ako't tumingin-tingin..

JO said...

Hi Evi,
If we could only do it ourselves, we would! Rent a truck and drive it ourselves all the way to Calgary. That's 4,000+ km! We love road trip anyway. But its just not practical at this time. I don't think my kids will survive this move-road trip. lol.

Hi Fenny,
The kids will just have to transfer mid-school year. I hope it won't be hard for them.

Hi Faye,

denden said...

hi jo, i didn't realise you have to pay for the weight. talaga nga namang there's no such things a free lunch, or free lift for that matter :)

Raquel said...

Whooooa, grabe super mahal naman. It's a good idea to sell nalang pero sayang ang mga gamit. Hwag lang yung mga may sentimental value na.

Mostly, the price for the second hand stuff ay mura lang, cguro 1/4 from the original price.

Good luck Jo, hope everything will be ok soon.

JO said...

Hi Denden,
Yes, a lot of people are just selling their stuff when they relocate.

Hi Raquel,
Major stuff ko, am trying to sell them at least 50-60% off. Ok naman so far... but by the end of the month, my apartment will be empty! hahaha...