Tag #11: 5 Weird Things

Got tag again, this time by Faye.

The rules are:
> List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.
> Tag 5 friends and list them.
> Those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.

Since I don't have a pets, I have to do my 5 weird eating habits.

  1. I love my hamburger plain, just the burger and the bun... no dressings, no lettuce, no ketchup, no mustard and no mayonnaise.
  2. The only seasoning I like is soy sauce on my fish and shrimp. No vinegar or fish sauce. I don't put ketchup on my chicken either.
  3. My friend K said that I don't really chew my food when I'm eating... I swallow them! [and my son is doing exactly the same]
  4. My hubby said that I am the only chinese he knows who doesn't drink tea. Is this weird?
  5. I can eat anything hot from the pan.
What's your weird eating habits?

For those interested, tag, you're it!


ethel said...

hehehe kakatuwang basahin 'tong ka wierduhan mo jo, :) lalo na yong number 5 naks ang init ata nun :) wierd talga :)
Happy weekend jan.

Linnor said...

Hey, new revelations!.... I couldn't stand a plain burger. It has to have the works. Tapos di ko naman kayang ubusin (weirder no?).

JO said...

Hi Ethel,

Hi Linnor,
I remember when we going to McDo drive thru with Junnie and Mitzi, I ordered plain McChicken, gumaya din sila thinking that they are just ordering the sandwich and not the meal. Siyempre di nila na enjoy yun sandwich nila without the dressings and all.

cruise said...

aka kakaiba nga kung di ka mahilig sa gulay sa burger at tea, pero oks lang yan, hirap pilitin sarili kung ayaw mo talaga ;)

MommyBa said...

Glad to get to know you more. These are really weird! I can't eat straight from a hot pan!! LOL!

Raquel said...

Ohhh, di ko kaya ang number 1 mo, di puede yan sakin, hahaha.....no wonder super tabatsoy na ako.

Same here at number 5, pati si hubby nahawa rin.

JO said...

Hi Cruise, Liz and Raquel,
Weirdo ko ba? hehehe... hope this doesn't stop you from visiting my blog. ",)

Pag malamig na yun food, di ko na na-e-enjoy. Eh dito pa sa Canada, lalo na pag winter, ang bilis lumamig ng pagkain.

fayenget said...

read your meme.. you don't chew your food? always put a glass of water while eating just to be safe.

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Hi! I came here from Toni's site.

What a coincidence, my friends and my husband find it weird that I hardly chew my food. They notice that I swallow my food at once. Here's the story behind that: My yaya (who is still with me until now) said that when my brother and I were young, it was so hard to feed us. So she thought of mixing okra with our food. It helped us swallow our food immediately. From then on, I guess it became an unconscious habit. ha! ha! Funny, my husband noticed that my 3-year old son also tends to swallow his food without chewing it first. So now, we always remind him to chew before swallowing. :D

I, on the other hand, love all kinds of condiments and sauces.


JO said...

Hi Faye,
Yes, I always have a glass of water... I can't eat without water too.

Hi Rach,
At least I am not alone... hehehe... thanks for visiting my blog.