Thursday Thirteen #5: The past 13 weeks

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The Past Thirteen Weeks

week 1
  • One of my best friend since high school, K, arrived in Canada and temporarily stayed with us. I love having her around.

    week 2
  • I celebrated my Nth birthday party for the very first time in Canada. I don't usually celebrate my birthday, don't know why, I guess I'm just a bit lazy preparing dinner for my own party. hehehe...

    week 3
  • Hubby resigned from his job of 3 years. It's time for a change! And we're hoping it's for the best!
  • We gave up our car (whose lease is also up) to keep our expenses to a minimum. It's hard not to have a car especially when its grocery day. :-(

    week 4
  • My daughter celebrated her 6th birthday!
  • And later during the week, hubby left on a job-hunting trip in another province where people say that jobs are everywhere but housing can be difficult.

    week 5
  • A very sleepless week for me... Don’t ask me why.

    week 6
  • Another sleepless week for me... my friend K and I just watched TV all night long... a marathon of Project Runway season 1 and 2. Our normal sleeping time is between 2-3 am. It's a good thing I don't have to wake up early in the morning.

    week 7
  • I keep myself busy by helping K move to her first apartment in Canada.
  • And helping Junnie and Mitzi in painting their newly acquired home.

    week 8
  • Start of the school year. Yipeee! At last, some peace and quite time for me at home.
  • Time for some cleaning... and getting rid of unwanted stuff around the house. I have so much junk!
  • Started reading about CSS since Blogger in Beta is all about CSS.

    week 9
  • Our last trip to Canada's Wonderland for the season! And it's a whole day affair, from 10 am to 8pm. It was tiring, but at the same time, we had a blast!
  • I had my very first massage with facial at TCM Spa (in Canada) courtesy of Mitzi.
  • I started my new house rules.

    week 10
  • Hubby returns after 5 weeks, turning down 2 job offers. Maybe relocating is not for us. Well, at least we tried and there's no regret and no "what ifs."
  • I started my job hunting... which is not easy!
  • We attended Junnie's house warming party from 12 noon to 11 pm! My second time to eat lechon in Canada! Yummy!

    week 11
  • Hubby continues his job hunting...
  • And later that week, hubby went out of town for yet another job interview. This interview lasted for 2 hours! A good sign? hmmmmm....
  • Trish started her "drawing" class at the community center. And she is thrilled!

    week 12
  • Our 11th wedding anniversary... and our first time to be apart on this day.

    week 13 (this week)
  • My new house rules which started on week 9 is still working like miracle. Hurray! I wish I had done this sooner.
  • Hubby got a job offer (yesterday)! This is his dream job! No more sleepless nights for me.
  • And... oh... we're moving! [wink]

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    Tinker said...

    congrats! the job and the move.. change can be good!

    evi said...

    lots of exciting things have happened to your family, jo. good things happen to good people.

    i like your friend's interior design taste -- modern contemporary.

    i'm contemplating on joining thursday thirteen.

    Cheryl said...

    Congrats on the job & move! :)

    amy said...

    congrats.great blog. i would love your banner. this is a pretty blog! Its nice to know you and your husband are still in love after all of this time

    Diane said...

    I'm impressed! You actually remembered things that happened 13 weeks ago!

    I won't be able to recall anything if I have to do this title... heh. :)

    JO said...

    Thanks Tinker.

    Hi Evi,
    Your instincts are correct. We are moving! And I'll be moving closer to you. Hope you join the TT group.

    Thanks Cherly.

    Hi Amy,
    I emailed you the banner already. Thanks!

    Hi Diane,
    Well, it wasn't easy going back, but I'm sure you'll come up with something.

    DKRaymer said...

    Wow! What an eventful 13 weeks! Keep us posted on the job hunt and the move! Great banner, by the way. Have a terrific TT and thanks for stopping by my bog!

    Sadie said...

    Good list!

    BTW, commenting is supposed to be working okay now for non-beta types. But I'm not sure if that's true.

    Christina said...

    Sounds like it's been quite an eventful time in your life! I wish you and your family all the best in your future :)

    ali said...

    wow...this is a great, great list.
    and a busy 13 weeks for you!

    happy tt!

    ka-rista said...

    That sounds fabulous and so exciting!!

    Vanessa said...

    Congratulations to your hubby, Jo! I also changed careers and I'm feeling happier everyday. But I'm pretty envious that you have your bestfriend close to you. There's nothing like having a true friend close at hand :)

    Chelle Y. said...

    Things sound like they are going well for you.

    I should apply that T.V. rule to myself. I am the one who watches way too much of it. :)

    Chaotic Mom said...

    BLOGGER IN BETA IS ABOUT CSS? I didn't know that! I need to check it out now. I'm trying to learn about CSS, too. Love it.

    Hey, I posted a Canadian Wordless Wednesday yesterday. ;)

    Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen, too!

    Carmen said...

    you've had a lot going on!

    Congrats on hubby's new job and the move. I hope you're all very happy with the new adventure.

    lrlwreath said...

    Change is sometimes the best thing around. Good luck with everything. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    JO said...

    Thanks Dkraymer, Christina, Ali and Karista!

    Hi Sadie,
    Yes, I think it is working now.

    Hi Vanessa,
    Yes, just when I have my best friend here, I have to leave her and move! On the positive side, I will be moving closer to another of our best friend in high school.

    JO said...

    Hi Chelle,
    My new TV rule really work! I, myself can't believe it.

    Hi Chaotic Mom,
    I hope I'd get to understand CSS soon. I guess I'm halfway there already.

    Thanks Carmen and lrlwreath!

    Raquel said...

    Ayayay, late na naman ako, hahaha.

    What a great list Jo; and I am impressed because you remember all of these list...I like your banner too.

    Week 7 was nice. I like your friend's newly painted house.

    And congratulations to hubby for a new job.

    What a big job coming Jo. Good luck, moving is very tiring but exciting too.

    The Mistress of the Dark said...

    I've always wanted to do the whole spa thing. Maybe in the spring.

    Sounds like you've had an eventful 13 weeks!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog


    Haley-O said...

    Congratulations on the job and the move! happy anniversary, too. My, you have a lot going on! :)

    Ma said...

    Sounds like a new adventure in store for your family.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    JO said...

    Hi Raquel,
    Yes, it is exciting at the same time it is scary... I feel like migrating again. ",)

    Hi Andrea,
    If my friend didn't treat me for the spa, I wouldn't have tried it. It is soooo expensive! but it is also refreshing!

    Thanks Haley and Ma!

    Brony said...

    Love your design.
    Happy belated birthday.

    Glad you've had an exciting 13 weeks.
    Happy TT!

    Candy Minx said...

    Wow thats a lot of intense changes and new experiences. I also don't cellebrate my birthday. You and hubby took some risks but they are paying off and that is inspiring. good luck on your next 13 weeks!

    Here is my list, I'm slow today getting around...

    Beth said...

    Nice blog and thanks for stopping by my site! Good list too- I have trouble remembering what happened yesterday.

    Tracie said...

    Wow! What a list. Congatulations on the job and the move. I'm impressed with how you remembered your last thirteen weeks.....I think you are due for a vacation now.

    Kevin Lam said...

    There'a a lot of things to congratulate you in your 13 weeks of marathon events. But the best one is your husband's finding a new dream job.

    It takes a lot of guts to take this big move, believe talaga ako sa husband mo, and you are a great "silent" supporter. believe din ako sa supporta na binigay mo sa kanya, great sacrifice for both of you, but now, everything are payed-off. I'm happy for you and your family. Congrats!

    P.S. I need to learn from your husband.

    JO said...

    Hi Brony, CandyMinx, Beth and Tracie. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Lam,
    Thanks! We are just the type of people who don't want to look back and ask "what ifs"... or regret/ponder on things we should have done differently... am just so glad things worked out for us.

    duke said...

    hello jo!

    congrats on hubby's new job and your move. I wish you all the best!

    I'm impressed with how you remembered the last 13 weeks!

    Tani said...

    congratulations to your husband, jo! it's really hard to start over. but at least you're looking into everything with such a positive attitude. no to stagnation. no wonder you're on your 11th year already. you are such a supportive wife. :)

    Patchwork Anahata said...

    Hey Jo, I found your link through another bloggers page. Yay! I saw the diet coke and coke on your friends counter in their new house. Happy anniversary and birthdays! Congratulations!! :=)

    JO said...

    Hi Duke,
    Thanks. It wasn't easy remembering the past 13 weeks, had to seek the help of my desk calendar. ",)

    Hi Tani,
    Hehehe. thanks! What else can I do but support hubby? I guess our mindset are on the same wave lenght these past few months.

    Hi Patchwork Anahata,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Mert said...

    Congrats on the job, and the move... I think? :O)I am glad to hear that this will lessen the stress, thats always a plus. And congrats on 11 years! Happy TT!

    Tammy said...

    wow what a busy 13 weeks! Congrats on the new house and the job offer! Great blog!

    fennymun said...

    Hi Jo, congratulations on the job hunting! Moving? That'll keep you busy for the next 13 weeks (at least). Hope the kids would adapt to the new place smoothly!

    Have a nice weekend!

    ethel said...

    nice digest Jo hhehe.. cute ng banner ah!
    Btw, congrats sa hubby mo.
    Happy weekend senyong lahat jan.
    God Bless...

    Dane Bramage said...

    Congrats on hubby's job. Great list! If you get a chance my Thursday Thirteen #15 "Repeat Real Me Edition".

    JO said...

    hi Mert, Tammy, Ethel and Dane,
    Thanks for stopping by...

    Hi Fenny,
    Yes, I'm going to be very busy for the next 13 weeks or so...

    Jenny Ryan said...

    Yay! So glad you had time with your friend. I just last week got to visit with a friend I haven't seen in 10 years.

    Junnie said...

    So who said 13 is an unlucky number. you got 13 of the best weeks out there....although not without the drama and comedy, suspense and romance....happy friday the 13th

    Ann said...

    Is it in Alberta? Goodluck! Hoping for the best.

    Good to hear that your new house rule is working.

    JO said...

    Hi Jenny,
    Yes, it is good to be with someone who knows me inside out.

    Hi Junnie,
    Thanks! It was a real 13-weeks roller coaster ride for me... and the coming weeks.

    Hi Ann,
    Yes, its in Alberta. West coast.

    cruise said...

    happy birthday and happy anniversary na rin sa inyo :)

    JO said...

    Thanks Cruise!

    denden said...

    hi jo! greetings are in order to you so here goes:

    happy birthday!
    happy anniversary!
    congratulations on your hubby's new job! and last but not least, congrats on the upcoming move?

    ingats :)

    agring said...

    Congratulations on your hubby's new job Jo. Goodluck na rin sa pag move nýo. I guess goodbye Ontario na eh! at Hello Alberta.

    ghee said...

    wow! congrats Jo!

    the changes and the is good huh? ^_^

    the banner is beautiful!

    good luck to your new journey!kaya pala,you seem busy,ang haba ng comment mo,hehe..thanx!!

    fayenget said...

    exciting naman yun!!! sana ako din.. =)

    JO said...

    Hi Denden,
    Thanks! welcome back to my blog, it's been a long time...

    Hi Agring,
    Did you get my email? I'm selling some stuff, you might be interested? or you might know of people who might be interested?

    Hi Ghee,
    Hehehe... tipid ba sa comment?

    Hi Faye,
    Do you have plans to migrate?

    bugsybee said...

    Whew! Happy ending! Congratulations for the new moves you've all made - the hubby, the family. It's like starting all over again and not many have that chance.

    analyse said...

    hi jo, congrats for that exciting change! wow, great memory, you remember all that?

    tt looks exciting, i'll check it out.

    Patrice said...

    Hey, congratulations on your husband's new job and Godspeed on your move!

    JO said...

    Hi Bugsy,
    Thanks! Now disposing of my stuff is the hardest part.

    Hi Analyse,
    I had my calendar to remind me. hehehe.

    Thanks Patrice!