Mixed nuts #6

Even with the cold weather last night, my kids still enjoyed their 45 minutes of Trick or Treating...

Meet Patricia the fairy Godmother and Patrick the wizard

Lots of goodies!!!

I should really buy my son a costume for next year... he was a wizard 3 times in a row!


I don't think I will be able to participate in Thursday Thirteen tomorrow... I am so busy packing and arranging for movers. Anybody out there who had a bad experience with KMS-Royal Movers (affiliated with Atlas Van Lines)? Please let me know. I would appreciate your feedback before I book them.

My target moving date is end of the month! Hubby should be able to get an apartment/townhouse for us in Calgary within this week. Wish us luck!


Today was my daughter's first ice skating lesson. It is part of their school's extra-curricular activity. By car, I would have been there in 15 minutes. Since I don't have a car, it took me 3 buses and a 15 minutes walk to get there. My total travel time is 1 hour and 20 minutes!

I have always been there for son's first ice skating lesson, swimming, skiing... and my daughter was always with me during those time. So when its her turn and I told her I couldn't watch her skate today, she look sad.

And this is how she looked like when I showed up. PRICELESS!


evi said...

i'm glad you showed up, jo. i know you will anyway. look at her glowing face, how can you resist that?

MrsPartyGirl said...

ang daming goodies!! dahil wala sa mood ang anak ko last night, puro tootsie roll lang ata nakuha namin :D

your kids are adorable!

btw, sa calgary pala kayo lilipat, i have a friend there (well, actually, wife ng friend ko so parang friend ko na rin :D). good luck with your move! :)

fennymun said...

good luck for finding a new apt. and all those packing and unpacking waiting ahead.

Your daughter is really happy to see her mom there!! It reminds me the importanct of just being present...

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Yes, the smile on her face is priceless!

Hi Meeya,
Ninna is still young, wait a couple more years at ikaw ang susuko. ",)

Hi Fenny,
Thanks! Yes, she knows I am always there for her brother, so she is expecting the same.

Raquel said...

Naunahan mo ko ah, sabi ko, punta ako sa blog ni Jo ngaun kc Thursday na. Buti nalang walang Thursday Thirteen.

Ang daming candies ah!

Good for showing up at Patricia's first skating lesson. Pag wala ka dun, she will never forget talaga at cguro magtampo pa. What a big smile on her face, cutie eyes.

What a big job for you on the coming days:(...good luck!

Linnor said...

What a happy face! I hope everything turns out well and according to plan. :D

ghee said...

Jo!belated happy halloween!!yay!halloween din dito :)

ganda ng style ng bahay nyo,shempre pati mga kids mo,ang cute sa costumes nila :)

cool,buti pa jan,part ng extra curriculars nila ang ice skating,si Ally din,gustong matuto :)

goodluck sa moving mo :)

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Hehehe... no time to think of a list right now. Thanks!

Hi Linnor,
Am crossing my fingers that the move will be smooth.

Hi Ghee,
That's not our house. Naki trick or treat kami sa bahay ng kaibigan namin. ",)

Tani said...

hi Jo. your daughter does look irresistable. and your son will love to tell stories when he grows up about how he's always the wizard during halloweens.

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Hi Jo. Good luck with moving to a new home. I'm sure you're very excited.

Lovely photos. Wow, so many treats. The smiles on your children's faces confirm how much fun they had.

Ice skating, how nice! I've never learned how to ice skate even though there are ice skating rinks in malls here.

Take care,

Junnie said...


Galing nakahabol pa after 1.5 hrs...yan ang dedication ng nanay...despite the busy sked!

here's a sample of the fun night we all had...

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Thanks! My kids had 3 times that much treat last year... konti na nga lang yan eh.

Hi Junnie,
In all the excitement, we forget to take a picture outside your front door!

JO said...

Hi Tani,
Buti na lang at di nagreklamo yun anak ko. But definitely next year he will get a different one na.

Patrice said...

The most popular costume for kids daw this year was a pirate (because of the "Pirates of the Carribean"?). Pero classic pa rin ang fairy at princess. That's good your kids enjoyed their Trick or Treating.

mama jenn said...

aaawww. good thing you showed up. malaking sakripisyo pero im sure wala yun sa iyo ngayon :)

Diana Joy said...

Wow! What a wonderful family:) I wish you the best of luck moving. And a little bit of prayer too:D
Diana Joy

ethel said...

Hi Jo, sobrang nag enjoy ang mga kidos ah, daming goodies :)
Good luck sa lahat!
God Bless...

ethel said...

HAppy weekend din pala!

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

galing mong magcapture...priceless indeed.

JO said...

Hi Patrice,
Kuripot kasi ako pagdating sa costumes, I dont want to spend $10-20 for a costume that they will wear for only 1 night!

Hi Jenn,
My daughter is expecting me to be there for the next 4 sessions too!

Hi Diana,
Thanks a lot!

JO said...

Hi Ethel,
Happy weekend din sa yo! Malamig na ba diyan? Dito lumalamig na.

Hi Girlie,