Relocation Update #2: Moving on

We have been contemplating on relocating to another province as early as May/June... and yet we felt we couldn't really make the move with too much commitments and responsibilites... and the fear of being jobless longer than we anticipated... but life has to go on... we need to make the move, while we still can... Besides, opportunity knocks only once.

Final decision came the day of my birthday when a friend convince us to try our luck in Calgary... where --

  • Job opportunities are everywhere.
  • That salary rates are much higher because corporations don't want to risk having their employees pirated by another.
  • That small businesses are closing down because they can't afford to compete with the rate offered by the big corporations.
  • That employers don't really care whether you have Canadian experience or not! Equal opportunities for all! [Even if they don't want to admit it, employers in Ontario do look for Canadian experience.]
  • That "now hiring" signs and rates are continuously all over the streets.
  • That you can land a job, in your field of expertise, within a couple of days or in the span of 2 weeks, maximum.
  • But housing could be a real problem.
Next day, hubby tender his resignation, effective July 31... The timing was actually perfect since our car lease was almost up at that time and we have the option to just give up the car to keep our expenses to the minimum while hubby starts his job hunting.

Hubby wanted to resign for quite awhile now... he is no longer happy with his employer and work due to lack of career growth.

The next couple of days where spent getting a second [home] phone line and cellphone so we can get a Calgary phone number so he can start sending out his resume.

August 12... hubby flew to Calgary, Alberta in search for greener pasture [or should I say longer and colder winter days]... and the wait begins.

True enough, he got his first job offer at the end of his 2nd week in Calgary. But because the offer is almost the same as his salary here, we thought it wouldn't be wise to relocate just for that. So he decline the offer. The offer, the job description, stability/security of the job and opportunities for a career growth should be "worth" the move!

Second offer came on his third week, again he had to decline this as the job is 90% field work and that he will be on-call 24/7. Salary [though a little higher than the first offer] isn't as much as what he was expecting and the job isn't something that he will enjoy. And I personally don't like the idea of him being on-call 24/7.

Relocation update #1

To be continued . . .


MrsPartyGirl said...

i think i mentioned it in a previous comment that my friend's wife and kids moved to calgary about a year ago (my friend, the hubby, is still in pinas, hindi niya pa daw maiwan yung work niya dun (he's quite a successful lawyer and he doesnt want to abandon his hard-earned career for now). but eventually he plans to follow them.).

i think your friend is right about the great opportunities in calgary because my friend's wife hasn't been there that long and yet they've already purchased a house on just her single income. they are even contemplating on buying a lexus suv (my goodness!!), so i guess it must have been a truly lucrative move on their part.

i think there's nothing wrong with taking risks and opting for change, as long as the risks are well-calculated and smartly contemplated. so i really applaud your hubby for taking the time to choose the best offer. tama yan. kung baga sa paghahanap ng boypren, collect and collect and then select! :D

good luck, ok? looking forward to the continuation of your family's moving saga :)

toni said...

Wow Jo! Good ulck with the move! I feel good vibes with this post. :)

JO said...

Hi Meeya,
Wow! Your friend is really lucky! Real estate in Calgary is on the rise now. I think big cars/SUVs are everywhere in Calgary too because of the snow.

Hi Toni,
Thanks! Right now, I'm still having mix emotions about our move.

Raquel said...

Good luck with hubby Jo. On call is a big money talaga, but the decision is all yours. Yan mahirap, yu can't tell when he is available or not.

Sounds great at Calvary, lot of oppurnities. It is also easy for hubby to look for another job.part time if he want too.

evi said...

i have been tempted number of times to move to calgary so i can get the job that i truly want and a better paying one. but i think it's not yet the right time for us. i just hope that if that time comes, we are not too late for calgary's booming employment opportunity. it's hard to rush things coz chances are you will easily make mistakes.

Ann said...

Sabi nga rin nung kaibigan namin ok sa Calgary talaga ngayon, maraming trabaho para sa lahat. May job offer nga si hubby ngayon dun, pinag-iisipan pa nya.

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Good luck Jo. I hope new and better opportunites will come your way.


JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! Hubby made the right choice, he is really happy with his work right now! Sort of like a dream job talaga!

Hi Evi,
If ever you do decide to try it out, just give me a call... you're welcome to stay with us!

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Naku, tell KD not to pass up the opportunity. It's a good stepping stone. Plus may relocation package naman yan usually. Yun 1 kakilala namin, from pinas na-hire, kasama buong family, barely 2 years pa lang may bahay na sila.

Yun nga lang from the desert eh lilipat kayo sa super lamig na lugar! ",)

Hi Rach,
Thanks a lot!

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Actually we were told na we were one year late already... if we have gotten there sooner, hubby might have gotten a relocation package... etc...

Iskoo said...

maganda opportunity rin siguro yung paglipat ng bahay eh makakakuha ng bagong work si hubby mo na kung saan mas magiging happy siya sa ginagawa nya. God bless sa bago ninyong lilipatan :)

ghee said...

Hi Jo!

goodluck talaga,i know it wont be easy but im hoping na makakuha nga ng job opportunity sa hubs mo na mas worth para kayo lumipat.

teka,who won the game pala?di ako nakabalik.

gracita said...

i guess we always have to take risks so we can move on to a better life. goodluck on your journey and nakakabitin kuento mo... :)

JO said...

Hi Iskoo,
Thanks. May trabaho na siya...

Hi Ghee,
No one won eh... but I will be posting the answers soon... in case somebody wants to try again.

Hi Gracita,
Hubby and I are risk taker! Thanks!

evi said...

thanks for the offer jo! i think so too na late na nga even around this time kasi i've heard people moving there since esp. on that year when alberta province has paid off their debt. that is the reason why the economy there is booming. i heard nga last year that the provincial gov't gave out $400 per family or person ba yon.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Its per person... sana may makuha din kami this year. ",)

Diana Joy said...

I just know you will be okay :) Remember God has it all under control! Hang in there :D
Diana Joy
I left you a note on my last post...

cess said...

marami na rin akong nababalitaan tungkol sa calgary, na mas maayos ngayon doon. i think it's a good decision for you and your family to go there. im sure makakahanap din naman agad ng trabaho ang asawa mo doon. good luck sa inyo!

fennymun said...

Wow, sounds like a real challenge - both your faith in God-is-in-charge and the new environment for everyone in the family. All the best, Jo!

JO said...

Hi Diana,
Thanks for the special mention in your post!

Hi Cess,
Maraming salamat!

Hi Fenny,
It is a challenge... am just hoping for the best!

niceheart said...

I also heard about the housing problem because many people have already flocked there. Well, anyway, goodluck.

JO said...

Hi Irene,
Apartments are really hard to find, because they are cheaper... There's a lot of houses and townhouses, though they costs more and you pay for your own utilities.

Tani said...

I think i wanna go to Calgary too.

JO said...

Hi Tani,
Are you migrating? I'll be posting more about our relocation.