Relocation Update #3: In boxes

All of our stuff in boxes... and ready for the movers.

These 3 black bins contains all my precious photo albums!

51 boxes/bins/bags in all [including the kid's bunkbed].

The movers came to pick up my stuff yesterday and now my home is almost empty. Based on my estimate, these are approximately 1500 pounds. Now, I just have to wait for the actual weight and quotation. Hope it doesn't exceed my budget.


Ann said...

Ready to go na talaga. Kaya kami since 1994 di kami lumipat ng flat dahil nakikita ko pa lang ang gamit namin parang ang hirap.

Photo albums pa lang ang dami na rin, buti nauso ang dital camera medyo bawas sa pictures.

Goodluck sa inyong bagong bahay at buhay.

Raquel said...

Ho-ho-ho, malapit na.

alynn said...

rami boxes nyan jo..puro shoes and bags mo ba yan?kidding aside...hirap maglipat no?

JO said...

Hi Ann,
It is really hard to relocate... feels like we are migrating again. Galit na nga ang asawa ko sa mga photo albums ko eh, super bigat kasi at ang dami. ",)

Hi Raquel,
Yes, 5 more days to go...

Hi Alynn,
Hehehe... how I wish! But you know what? My kids have more shoes and clothes than I do! Honestly.

Kaberns said...

Hi Jo,

Good luck on your move to Calgary! Advanced Merry Christmas na rin.

Francesca said...

mama mia, you packed like a queen, lol
no, joking lang. Hirap nga ng nag babalot, lipat bahay.
Kung maari lang toothbrush na lang bitbitin eh!
di bale once masettle na ang new nest nyo, photos uli ha?
Have a nice lipat!

JO said...

Hi Kaberns,
Thanks! Nice of you to drop by again.

hi Francesca,
Sinabi mo! Kung puwede lang iwan lahat eh gagawin ko, para bagong gamit lahat sa bagong bahay.

Iskoo said...

daming boxes, naway makalipat kayo at maayos gaagad ang gamit sa bagong bahay :)

Techguy (hinde guapo pero medyo bastos) said...

hi......JO lilipat na pala kayo sa calgary

niceheart said...

I feel tired just looking at your boxes. But it must also be exciting moving to a new place.

niceheart said...

So do you already have your own place when you get there?

Goodluck luck on the move!

evi said...

you have accumulated a lot of stuff. and you even had a moving sale. can you imagine if you took everything with you?

your packing looks very organized!

JO said...

Hi Iskoo,

Hi Joey,
Yes. Welcome back to my blog.

Hi Irene,
Yes, hubby already got a place for all of us.

Hi Evi,
Thanks! I got rid of 2/3 of my stuff already... and still got tons left. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo,
Gotta give me tips on relocation...mine, will be next year if God willing. And it's going to be a longggg drive from here. God bless, stay safe in your travel. Jo Kuiipo.

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Hi Jo. Wow, just a few more days to go. Very exciting!

Nice to see all those neatly packed boxes.

Good luck on the big day.


ghee said...

Hi Jo! ready na pala kayo,goodluck,medyo tiry ang moving,pero pag sanay ka na,heaven na :)

Jo I moved na pala,paki update na lang ung URL :)


duke said...

oh my! ang daming boxes!

goodluck with the unpacking!

JO said...

Hi Jo K,
Sure. Where are you moving to?

Hi Rach,
Exciting talaga!

Hi Ghee,
Thanks! You join Ethel's family na din. Congrats!

Hi Duke,
Konti na yan! OUr life in 5 years are in 51 boxes/bins/bags only... ",)